Poste restante consignment
Mailing of letters and parcels to recipients who have no fixed delivery address.

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Poste restante consignments are ideal for recipients of letter mail or parcels who are frequently away travelling or have no fixed delivery address. Swiss Post safely stores the poste restante consignment for a month – at a branch of your choice.

  • Free service 
  • At any branch of your choice 
  • Collection at the counter with proof of identity

Here’s how it works

Sending mail

Write the first name and surname of the recipient and address the consignment to the desired collection branch. Add the note “Postlagernd” or “Poste restante” above the street/house number and postcode/town of the branch. If you send letters with a confirmation of receipt request to a poste restante address, the recipient must be clearly stated. Cipher addresses are not covered by this service.

Example of correct addressing:

Mr Erich Müller
Poste restante
Brünnmatt 2
3045 Meikirch

Important: in order for poste restante consignments to be available at the relevant collection branch in accordance with our range of services, they need to be correctly addressed. With the “Locations and opening hours” online service, you can find the correct address for every branch.

Collecting mail

If you want to collect your stored consignments from the relevant branch, simply ask for poste restante consignments under your name. You will be given your consignments upon providing proof of identity.

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