Notify Swiss Post of new address
Change of address

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Have you already moved or are you planning to move? Inform us of your new address and use the various value-added services to ensure you keep receiving your consignments in your new home. 

  • Free of charge
  • Changing your personal customer address data held by Swiss Post
  • Basis for value-added services (notification of move, redirect mail etc.)
  • No delivery of mail by Swiss Post to your old address for a year
  • Postal items will be returned with the remark “Left without providing address”

Additional services
Value-added services

Notify companies about a move
Notification of move

Eyecatcher title Free of charge Eyecatcher text
  • Notify insurance companies, banks, health insurers etc. about your new address, free of charge, with a few clicks
  • Participating businesses are notified directly by Swiss Post (incl. validity date = date of the move)
  • Don’t miss out on any mail − stay reachable for contractual partners
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Forward mail
Change of address with forwarding

  • Forwarding of post for a year
  • Forwarding to destination addresses in Switzerland and abroad
  • Forwarding possible from the next working day
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If your consignments can longer be delivered to the old address, they will be returned to the sender with the remark “Left without providing address”.

Postal items sent to the old address will be returned. To avoid this, use the “Forwarding” value-added service or allow us to pass on your address to third parties which already have your old address with our address update service. You can grant us your consent during the registration process (change of address with/without forwarding).

More information on forwarding mail can be found in “Change of address with forwarding”.

To ensure we are in possession of your latest name and address data, please use our online service “Report name correction” when changing name. Alternatively, you can also register the change of name in a branch.

Notify Swiss Post of new address

Inform us of your new address and use additional Swiss Post relocation services.