Abbreviations for products and services
Basic and value-added services

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Swiss Post uses abbreviations for the basic and value-added services and delivery instructions within the “Track consignments” online service. Please find below a summary of the abbreviations and names.

A, B, C

ABH Pick-up
ABHG Basic price for collection
ABHN Collection unsuccessful
ABHP Price for parcel collection
AEP Swiss Post address label
AR Return receipt
AS Assurance
AWA Exchange office
AZS Evening delivery
BAR Cash
BDOK Official document of Liechtenstein
BLN Paperless COD
BU Debt collection documents
CAT Catalogue
Cash Cash
CEC Item for the blind
CLI pro clima
COLD Disposet Cold
CUS Customs Smart, online payment of import fees

D, E, F

DX Dispobox
ECO PostPac Economy
Email Notification by e-mail
FI Conveyor assistance
FMWZ Pre-franking
FRA Fragile

G, H, I, J

GAS Business reply item
GLS Argovia Plus / GLS
GU Court document
IFS Intelligent franking system

K, L, M, N

LE1 Oversized item
LE2 Oversized item
LQ Limited Quantities
MAN Manual processing
MIL Army mailing
MPS Multi Parcel Shipment
N / NN Cash on delivery
NOM Signature + Name

O, P, Q, R

PPR PostPac Promo
PRI PostPac Priority / Maxi letter
PS Postal item
R Registered mail R
RMP Personal

S, T, U, V

SA Saturday Delivery
SKB Swiss-Courier «Lightning»
SEM Swiss-Express «Moon»
SI Signature
SMS Notification by SMS
SP Bulky goods
SPP Bulky goods „Priority“
TAX Consignment subject to fee
TSP Parcel subject to fee
VEAB Posting confirmation
VEAE Reminder to recipient
VEAI Pick-up information
VEUS Handover status
VEZI Delivery information
VL VinoLog

W, X, Y, Z

WGT Extra processing required
XXL Consignments weighing more than 10 / 30 kg and/or oversized items
ZA11 Deliver item directly to recipient on storey
ZA12 Do not place in letterbox; deliver or advise.
ZA13 Advise of delivery by telephone
ZA14 Place in letterbox or at door
ZA15 Deliver contents, take back box
ZA16 Unsuccessful delivery, return item immediately
ZA17 Specific delivery date, deliver on...
ZA18 Deliver when all items have arrived
ZA19 Deposit item
ZA20 Note delivery information in document pouch
ZA21 2nd delivery included
ZA22 Produce item; place in cellar
ZA26 Repeat delivery attempt
ZA32 Remove from mailbox
ZA33 Exchange/return
ZA34 Do not deliver to mailbox or neighbour: do not leave anywhere
ZUNA Delivery to neighbour
ZFZ 09:00-12:00 Distribution between 09:00-12:00
ZFZ 12:00-14:00 Distribution between 12:00-14:00
ZFZ 14:00-17:00 Distribution between 14:00-17:00