Designing and packaging letters
Correct preparation for smooth processing

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Correctly placing the postage paid impression, the recipient and sender addresses, and appropriate packaging ensure optimal and efficient processing as well as reliable delivery to the recipient.

Follow our recommendations for designing your consignment and packing it the ideal way. This protects the content from damage and attracts attention from the recipient while raising curiosity. The packaging guidelines are based on the standards set out by the printing industry.

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Special items
Processing special formats and packaging

Not everything fits into the norm. There is letter mail that deviates from popular notions of format and packaging. We are flexible enough to process these special items quickly and reliably.

Arrange a free consultation with our experts. Send us a final proof before going ahead with the mailing.

Bulk mailings which need to be sorted by hand incur a surcharge.

Sorted posting
Special items

Swiss Post recognizes upstream services carried out by business customers by offering discounts.

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Free of charge

Unsorted posting
Special items

Bulk mailings which need to be sorted by hand incur a surcharge.



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Final proof
Have your templates checked for free – and play it safe

The free “final proof” service from Swiss Post guarantees that letters, mailings and flyers can be processed without any unpleasant surprises – making every dispatch a complete success.

  • For written requests, the “final proof” will be issued within two to three days of receipt of the template.
  • Requests made using the contact form will be answered within 24 hours (working days).

Designing special consignments
Special design requirements

PromoPost mailshots

Operating framework for special flyer ideas.

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Consignments with barcode

Correct attachment of barcode labels

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Consignments with dangerous goods

Labelling consignments with dangerous goods

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