DirectResponse Card
Mailing and reply card in one

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Do you want to create a successful mailing very simply and trigger an immediate reaction from the recipients of your promotional mail? Then look no further than the DirectResponse Card! All recipients need to do is tear along the perforation and send the card back. It couldn’t be simpler.

  • Complete cost transparency thanks to a unit price for dispatch and return
  • Reasonable prices for consignments of 50 items or more
  • The DirectResponse Card can be created online with the PostCard Creator
  • Variety of options for adding personal touches
  • Mailing only possible in Switzerland

There is a now a business reply label franking from Post CH Ltd on the response element for the DirectResponse Card. This franking is static and should be seen as an image to be used again and again. Please only use this print template and not your own business reply label franking. Print template “DirectResponse Card response element”

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Who is this service for? Preconditions

The “DirectResponse Card” is a service for business customers with a billing relationship, and works on a contract basis.

As a private customer or a customer with no billing relationship, you can send even small volumes of DirectResponse Cards with PostCard Creator.

Important information

Partner printing companies

DirectResponse Cards are only produced by authorized partner printing companies. Our partner printing companies guarantee the highest level of quality and inexpensive manufacturing costs thanks to the best possible equipment.

Would you like your printing company to become one of Swiss Post’s qualified partners? Contact us:

Here’s how it works

  1. 1

    Contact your customer advisor. With the “PostCard Creator” shipping option, you can get started straight away. You can complete the following steps, including shipping, directly online.

  2. 2

    Design the DirectResponse Card yourself or hire an agency to do so.

  3. 3

    Obtain an offer from an authorized printer.

  4. 4

    Obtain a final proof by our specialists so that the consignments are guaranteed to be well received.

  5. 5

    Have the DirectResponse Card printed.

  6. 6

    Frank and post consignments in accordance with the postage paid impression process.


DirectResponse Card
Mailing and reply card in one

Postage costs for sending and return delivery per card mailed (regardless of response volume).

A Mail, B Mail single and B Mail mass consignment

With A or B Mail from 50 items (with PostCard Creator from 1 item) With B Mail bulk consignment from 350 items (postcard rate).

A Mail
B Mail individual item
B Mail bulk mailing

OnTime Mail

Shipping with OnTime Mail (from 10'000 items) with delivery on a specific working day (Monday–Friday) or Saturday.

Saturday delivery
Delivery on a specific working day

Price benefits on addressed letters

As a business customer with a billing relationship, correctly prepared letter volumes will see you benefit from price reductions and discounts. This is your reward for supporting efficient processing.

Send DirectResponse Cards online
PostCard Creator

Do you want test the effectiveness of the DirectResponse Card with a small volume first or should production and shipping be implemented quickly and efficiently? With the “PostCard Creator” online service, you can create and send DirectResponse Cards online from just one item. It’s ideal for a test.

Everything you need
Practical tips for posting

Order letter crates and bulk containers

  • Order online at any time of day
  • Empty container calculator
  • Order until 12 noon, delivery the following work day
  • Only for domestic letter mail
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Register bulk mailing in good time
Advance notice for letter post items

  • A Mail: from 10,000 items
  • B Mail individual items: from 10,000 items
  • B Mail bulk mailing: from 30,000 items
  • OnTime Mail: always

Notification: at least 3 working days in advance

Have postal items collected

  • Regular mail collection
  • Collection upon request
  • For all your postal items
  • Fixed time slot
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