Professional Mail
Our catalogue product for you!

After the successful pilot phase of the “catalogue product” − the development of the existing “Expert Mail” advertising channel to meet your needs − it will now be introduced under the name “Professional Mail”. You can now also supplement the mailing of your catalogues, brochures and advertising materials with optional value-added services geared towards your specific requirements.

“Professional Mail” at the core

Drop off at least 10,000 pre-sorted items at one of our three letter centers, and we’ll then deliver them safely to your customers at attractive prices on the fourth or fifth working day.

You are free to choose the two consecutive delivery days from Monday to Friday.

  • We would be happy to help you if you require any assistance with address sorting and transport from your print partner to our letter centers.
  • Do you have any special requests for your return consignments? We will support you!
  • Furthermore, we believe that Saturday is an effective day to deliver advertising, as the consignments enjoy more attention at home on the weekend.

These and other innovations make our “Professional Mail” your indispensable and effective advertising tool.

We would be happy to provide you with detailed information on Professional Mail. Please contact your Customer Advisor.