A Mail
Fast delivery on the next working day – including Saturdays of course.

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If posted on time, the A Mail delivery option ensures that recipients receive your letters on the next working day. A Mail is of course also delivered on Saturdays.

  • With the recipient the next working day

  • Saturday delivery

  • Attracts plenty of attention

Important information

Delivery on the next working day after posting – including Saturdays.

Posting Delivery
Monday Tuesday
Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday Thursday
Thursday Friday
Friday Saturday
Saturday Monday
Sunday (letter box) Monday

The day of delivery may vary due to general and regional public holidays.

In order to guarantee delivery on the next working day, A Mail letters must be handed in at the post office counter by the usual close of business – but by no later than 6.30 p.m. (in the case of branches with longer opening hours). Posting: mail must be deposited before the last clearance of the letter box (see details on letter boxes).

For letters handed over or posted after the cut-off times, the following day will be deemed to be the day of posting.

A Mail must be clearly marked with the letter “A” (sticker, handwritten remark, stamp, postmark; for customers with a billing relationship: integration in IFS overprint or PP postage paid impression).

Swiss Post assumes no liability.

No consignment tracking possible.

If you require A Mail items with Track & Trace and liability for loss, damage or incorrect delivery, please use Registred or A Mail Plus.


The quick solution
A Mail


Prices Up to B5

Up to 25 x 17.6 cm, 2 cm thick

1–100 g
101–250 g

Prices up to B5

Up to 25 x 17.6 cm, 2 - max. 5 cm thick

1-100 g
101-250 g

Large letter

Up to 35.5 x 25 cm, 2 cm1 thick

1–500 g
501–1000 g

All prices in CHF (incl. VAT)

1 From 1,001 g up to max. 5 cm thick = Maxi letter for private customers; please note the special posting

Larger, thicker and heavier consignments must be sent as parcels.

Value-added services

For customers with a billing relationship

Price benefits on addressed letters

As a business customer with a billing relationship, correctly prepared letter volumes will see you benefit from price reductions and discounts. This is your reward for supporting efficient processing.

Practical and to hand
Stamps and pre-franked products

SMS postage stamp
For individual A Mail letters

  • Send an SMS with the text STAMP to 414
  • Write the number at the top right of the letter
  • You pay with your mobile account
  • For domestic A Mail, value CHF 1.00

Design stamps yourself
To be printed or ordered

  • For A Mail, B Mail, A Mail Plus and Registered (R)
  • Create individual stamps, pay online, print or have them delivered to your home
  • For individual letters and mailshots too
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With confirmation of receipt

A safe shipping option with delivery the next working day (Mon–Fri) requiring a signature – incl. liability up to CHF 500.00.

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With consignment tracking
A Mail Plus

An inexpensive shipping option for time-critical and valuable consignments with delivery the next working day (Mon–Sat) – incl. liability up to CHF 100.00.

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Rich Content Section

A balancing man against a green background is the logo for the “pro clima” – Shipment option.

“pro clima”-Shipment

The CO2 emissions for all Swiss Post mailing products will be offset at no extra charge for you.

Swiss Post is not only reducing CO2 – for example through its use of electric vehicles – it is also offsetting carbon emissions in its delivery of all PromoPost consignments by investing in high-quality climate protection projects.

More information can be found at www.swisspost.ch/climate.

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