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Did you know that Swiss Post not only distributes your flyers in the postboxes of your target groups, but also prints them using the Flyer Service? You deliver the flyer you’ve designed and place the order online, Swiss Post will take care of printing and distribution. Whenever you want, wherever you want.


The benefits for you

  • Produce flyers online in just a few clicks
  • Printing and distribution in a single operation
  • Precise distribution by postcode
  • Transparent costs
  • Different formats and paper types
  • Suitable for small and large print runs
  • Delivery possible from Monday to Friday

Have flyers distributed
Whether in Bern, Zurich, Basel or Lausanne – Switzerland-wide, online, straightforward

Here’s how it works

  • Select distribution area by postcode

    See the number of households you are reaching at a glance.

  • Decide on the paper format, quality and strength

    Choose what’s right for you from various paper specifications.

  • Enter distribution date

    You can have your flyer delivered from Monday to Friday.

  • Upload flyer as a PDF

    A guide will help you prepare your print template.

  • Complete order

    Simply pay online and that’s all there is to it. Swiss Post takes care of everything else.

Regional or Switzerland-wide distribution
Deliver to specific potential customers throughout Switzerland

Whether Andermatt, Delémont, Locarno or Winterthur – you choose the area in Switzerland you want Swiss Post to distribute your flyer in. Your flyers, together with the day’s mail, will be delivered as unaddressed mail to recipients without a “No advertising” sticker.

You decide if you only want your flyer to be delivered to single or multi-family homes, or to every letter box in the region you have selected. Official consignments such as communications from authorities or political parties can be delivered to all letter boxes, even with a “Stop – No advertising” sticker.

Clear pricing, straightforward payment
Budget with a transparent overview of prices

There are no hidden costs. You pay a total price for printing, processing and distributing your flyers. The price depends on the size of the distribution area, the format, the paper quality and the paper strength. Based on your selection, the Flyer Service will show you the current price at any time.

In the final step, you can pay directly online by TWINT, PostFinance, e-finance or Visa/Mastercard.

Paper format, quality and strength
Design printed materials how you want

You can configure your flyer to meet your exact requirements. Choose between various options when it comes to the shape of your flyer, the paper quality and paper strength.

If required, you can also order additional flyers for your own use, which will be delivered to you by post just before distribution.

Not sure which paper is best suited to your flyer?
We will send you some paper samples with no obligation to buy

Tips for your flyer

Hand of clouds over a forest

Environmentally friendly printing with our partners
What goes into making a flyer

Design your print products with an eye to the future and do your bit for the environment: we produce your flyers with our partner merkur. The Swiss printing company places great value on high quality and uses equipment such as natural printing ink, unprocessed printing plates and certified paper.


Ready to get started?

Get your flyer to your target group

Any questions?

We will provide you with free advice when it comes to designing, uploading and delivering your flyer.

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