Printer models
Continuous-feed label printers tested by Swiss Post

These printer models are suitable for printing barcodes which you can create using the “Barcode” web service or the following online services.




Domestic parcel labels

Printer models

In principle you can use any printer model that works with the ZPL2 printer language and A6 labels (105 x 148 mm). ZPL2 printers are available from the following manufacturers: Zebra, Citizen, Datamax, COT, Printronix, Wasp etc. In certain, limited circumstances, A7 labels (105 x 74 mm) can also be printed.

Printer model Printing volumes Shipping label format Product description
Zebra GK 420d smaller max. print width 104 mm
Zebra GK 420t smaller 101,6 x 152 mm
Brother QL-800 smaller max. print width 62 mm
Brother QL-810W smaller max. print width 62 mm
Brother QL-820NWB smaller max. print width 62 mm
Brother QL-1110NWB average max. print width 103,6 mm
Zebra ZT220/ZT230 larger max. print width 104 mm
Zebra ZM400 larger 101,6 x 152 mm


You can purchase suitable continuous-feed label printers from the following suppliers (the list is not exhaustive). We have agreed special conditions with some of these suppliers. The best way to find this out is by asking the supplier directly.

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Technical printing specification

The bars must be printed evenly in matt black printing ink with good edge definition.

The code must be printed on a light, matt surface.

The surface can be white, light blue, light yellow or light green.

Greater than 0.7 for a wavelength range between 620 and 900 nm (PCS: print contrast signal; dimensionless value according to DIN 66 236).

Light, matt paper produces the necessary contrast at the very least with a faultless black code printout.

The opacity of the label material for the address with integrated barcode must be at least 0.75 percent (DIN 53 146, ISO 1831).

This value can be lower if the surface of the consignment is white and carries no design or structures.

At least 80g/m²