“WebStamp Light” for letters
Simple integration of the WebStamp URL into your website

With “WebStamp Light”, order details for electronic stamps can be transmitted to WebStamp via an interface. When doing so, order completion always remains within WebStamp.

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Would you like customers on your website to be able to create and send electronic stamps with your corporate logo or a picture of your product? With “WebStamp Light”, that's no problem. To do so, you need to provide a corresponding selection of images and various franking products (A Mail, B Mail etc.). This information, as well as the number of stamps and, optionally, recipient addresses can be sent directly to WebStamp using an enhanced URL. As part of this process, customers will be forwarded to the WebStamp online service, where they will need to sign up or log in to the service.

The information transmitted to WebStamp will then conveniently be available to the customers for further editing. By using a target step, customers can be guided to the image editing phase in step 2, where they are able to edit the selected image further with various image editing functions (e.g. filters, frames, text etc.). Before customers are taken to order completion, they have the option to choose between the “Print out yourself” and “Deliver printed” functions under step 5, “Print options”.

If customers choose “Deliver printed”, they benefit from Swiss Post’s high quality printing service that is used to deliver the freshly printed WebStamps postage-free to them the following day. And if further orders are made within a one hour period, no additional flat order fee will be charged.


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