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With WebStamp, you can create your own stamps easily and conveniently online in just a few steps. Lend your birth announcements and wedding invitations a personal note. Or use the stamps as advertising and image vehicles with your customer letters thanks to the integrated corporate logo.

  • For A Mail, B Mail, A Mail Plus, Registered (R) and much more.
  • Create, print and pay for stamps online
  • Have them printed and delivered by Swiss Post (optional)
  • Also for individual letters and mailshots, incl. printing and shipping service

Here’s how it works

  1. 1

    Select shipping option, format and weight of the consignment.

  2. 2

    Upload an image/video and edit as necessary or select an image from templates.

  3. 3

    Complete order.

  4. 4

    Print labels yourself or have WebStamps printed and delivered.

  5. 5

    Place WebStamp on the envelope – and it’s done!

WebStamp printing service

Do you want to design stamps yourself? But you have neither the desire nor the time to do so yourself. With the WebStamp printing service, Swiss Post will print your individual stamps * and send them postage-free to your home or office on the very next working day. The offer is valid for letters without barcode (A Mail, B Mail, PRIORITY and ECONOMY).

The WebStamps are printed on a specially-designed sheet of 12 labels.

Film: WebStamp

*  In addition to the postage value of the WebStamps, a flat fee of CHF 5.00 per order will be charged for the WebStamp printing service, and CHF 1.20 will be charged for each label sheet (12 labels) that has been started. The shipping costs for delivery will be borne by Swiss Post. If you order by 2 p.m., you will receive your WebStamps on the next working day − fresh from the printer and postage-free in your letter box!

WebStamp with video message

Film: WebStamp with video

With WebStamp, you can do more than simply create your own stamp designs. You can also send individual video messages too. Surprise your loved ones by accompanying your written message with a personal video message. Or present your company or your latest product in a small film.

Receive a video message

WebStamp with video carries special labelling, which shows your recipients that a video message is waiting for them. The recipient of the letter can retrieve the message either by using the Post-App or via the website.

A one-stop shop
WebStamps for individual letters and mailshots with printing and shipping service

Print WebStamps directly onto your letter or mailshot. The franking will be placed directly above the relevant recipient address. You then print your individual letters or mailshots with the franking and send it conveniently using a window envelope.

Printing and shipping service

With the “printing and shipping service for individual letters and mailshots”, you can have consignments printed, packed and shipped directly to your recipients by Swiss Post, The consignments are delivered in accordance with the range of services provided by Post CH Ltd.*

Film: WebStamps for individual letters and mailshots with printing and shipping service

The WebStamp range of services can be used for all shipping options in Switzerland and abroad. The printout is one-sided, in colour and in a window envelope. 

Please note that each order will be forwarded to an external print shop, where it will be printed and shipped. At the end of each order, please therefore double-check the contents of the letter for accuracy, including the recipient addresses and franking. The order cannot be cancelled once it has been placed due to the costs which have already been incurred. You can view the order status for each individual consignment within your WebStamp order overview under “Consignment details”. 

WebStamp for individual letters and mailshots is primarily designed for customers who regularly create and send invoices or letters.

Frequently asked questions

Key information:

  • WebStamps that have already been created may still be used in 2022, provided the shortfall in value is covered by franking with a stamp or at the counter (a branch or a branch with partner). Supplementary stamps worth 5, 10 and 20 centimes can be ordered at and in branches from 13 December 2021. They will be delivered in the Postshop from 27 December 2021. The stamps will be available physically in all branches and branches with partners from 20 December 2021.
  • Swiss Post cannot currently provide franking for the value of the 2022 prices for legal and technical reasons. For WebStamp, the prices are always tied to the currently valid products (e.g. A Mail standard letter up to 100 grams for CHF 1.00).
  • With this in mind, we recommend postponing larger WebStamp orders (e. g. WebStamp as a gift) until 2022 if possible.

Can several WebStamps be affixed to a consignment to cover the franking shortfall (e. g. 2 x CHF 0.85)?

No, unfortunately that is not possible as only one WebStamp per consignment can be recognized electronically at our letter centers. If several WebStamps are affixed to a consignment, these will be rejected by the system and checked manually, which can lead to delays in delivery.

Is it possible to purchase only the difference of CHF 0.05 or CHF 0.10 as franking in WebStamp?

No − unfortunately, that is not possible, as WebStamp offers franking only for our official letter products. It is not currently possible to frank a letter with only CHF 0.05. Only the relevant amount per letter product (e.g. CHF 1.00 for an A Mail standard letter) is available in WebStamp.

From 1 January 2022, can WebStamps with the old face value be used for posting and the franking shortfall made up at the counter?

Yes, WebStamps with the old face value can have missing franking added using postage stamps or V-MaX and can then be posted.

Can I attach a stamp (supplementary stamp) to an envelope myself that has already been franked with WebStamp (old face value) and post it in a letter box?

Yes, you can use stamps (e.g. stamp worth CHF 0.10) to frank a consignment franked with WebStamp yourself and post it in a letter box. If you don’t have the right postage stamp values at home, you can have the shortfall in franking added to your consignment at the counter. It is not possible to add missing franking to consignments via the “WebStamp” online service.

How long are the WebStamps created (e.g. CHF 1.00) valid for? According to WebStamp product management, they can still be used after a year, provided no price increases have taken place.

The expiry period of one year is to avoid too large a number of WebStamps being created and stored, because franking shortfalls can only be covered using postage stamps or V-MaX in the event of a price increase.

Is it true that expired WebStamps cannot actually be posted in a letter box?

You can use stamps (e.g. stamp worth CHF 0.10) to frank a consignment franked with WebStamps yourself and post it in a letter box.

If I no longer use WebStamps that have already been created or I would like to create new WebStamps with a different face value, will the WebStamps already created be reimbursed?

WebStamp product management assesses such specific customer requests and passes cases where a refund is approved onto Finance. These are exceptional cases. In justified cases, Swiss Post tries to address customer concerns despite the fact that they are essentially excluded in the GTC.

If a customer continues using WebStamps with insufficient franking in 2022 (e.g. CHF 1.00) who is the price difference charged to (the recipient, the sender on the envelope or the WebStamp customer whose name is on the franking licence in the data matrix code)?

Irrespective of the upcoming price adjustment, the following principle applies in the case of insufficient franking:

  • If a sender’s name is on the letter, they must pay the price difference.
  • If the letter does not contain the sender’s name, the recipient must cover the franking shortfall.
  • The franking licence in the data matrix code only applies to undeliverable items where the letter does not contain a sender. The consignment is then returned to the franking licence holder.

This information comes from revenue protection and always applies irrespective of the type of franking.

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