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With WebStamp, you can create your own stamps easily and conveniently online in just a few steps. Lend your birth announcements and wedding invitations a personal note. Or use the stamps as advertising and image vehicles with your customer letters thanks to the integrated corporate logo.

  • For A Mail, B Mail, A Mail Plus, Registered (R), etc.
  • Create, print and pay for stamps online
  • Have them printed and delivered by Swiss Post (optional)
  • Also for individual letters and mailshots, incl. printing and shipping service

Here’s how it works


Select shipping option, format and weight of the consignment


Upload an image/video and edit as necessary or select an image from templates.


Complete order.


Print on labels yourself or have WebStamps printed and delivered.


Place the WebStamp on the envelope – and it’s done!

WebStamp printing service

Do you want to design stamps yourself? Can’t or don’t want to print them yourself? With the “WebStamp printing service”, Swiss Post will print your individual stamps on a specially-designed sheet of 12 labels and send them already on the next working day to your home or office postage-free*. The offer is valid for letters without barcode (A Mail, B Mail, PRIORITY and ECONOMY).

The WebStamps are printed on a specially-designed sheet of 12 labels.

In addition to the postage value of the WebStamps, a flat fee of CHF 5.00 per order will be charged for the “WebStamp printing service” and a fee of CHF 1.20 will be charged for each label sheet (12 labels) that has been started. The shipping costs for delivery will be borne by Swiss Post. If you order by 2 p.m., you will receive your WebStamps on the next working day − fresh from the printer and postage-free in your letter box!

WebStamp with video message

With WebStamp, you can do more than simply create your own stamp themes. You can also send individual video messages too. Surprise your loved ones by accompanying your written message with a personal video message. Or present your company or your latest product by means of a small film.

Receive a video message

WebStamp with video carries special labelling, which shows your recipients that a video message is waiting for them. The recipient of the letter can retrieve the message either by using the Post-App or via the website.

A one-stop shop
WebStamps for individual letters and mailshots with printing and shipping service

Print WebStamps directly onto your letter or mailshot. The franking will be placed directly above the relevant recipient address. You then print your individual letters or mailshots with the franking and send it conveniently using a window envelope.

Printing and shipping service

With the “printing and shipping service for individual letters and mailshots”, you can have consignments printed, packed and shipped directly to your recipients by Swiss Post, The consignments are delivered in accordance with the range of services provided by Post CH Ltd.*

The WebStamp range of services can be used for all shipping options in Switzerland and abroad. The printout is one-sided, in colour and in a window envelope.  

Please note that each order will be forwarded to an external print shop, where it will be printed and shipped. At the end of each order, please therefore double-check the contents of the letter for accuracy, including the recipient addresses and franking. The order cannot be cancelled once it has been placed due to the costs which have already been incurred. You can view the order status for each individual consignment within your WebStamp order overview under “Consignment details”. 

WebStamp for individual letters and mailshots is primarily designed for customers who regularly create and send invoices or letters.

* In addition to the postage value of the WebStamps, a fee of CHF 0.20 per printed side and CHF 0.20 per consignment (including placing in envelopes and posting) applies to the “WebStamp printing and shipping service”. If your order is placed by 3 p.m., your consignments will be delivered in accordance with the current range of services offered by Post CH Ltd.
This offer is valid until 17 October 2019. During this period, we will only charge you at half-price for WebStamp printing and shipping costs.


Label formats

Please note that the relevant label format will always automatically be suggested in WebStamp. The system always assumes the smallest possible label format.

The label format in WebStamp is determined by the following factors: shipping option (with or without barcode), WebStamp with or without image or by a sender’s/recipient’s address integrated into WebStamp.

The following label formats are tested and recommended by WebStamp:

WebStamp labels (97 x 42.3 mm) – 12 labels

WebStamp labels are available from every Swiss Post branch. If these Webstamp labels are used, the printer settings do not need to be changed. You can keep the printer’s standard settings to print the stamps.

Label formats

WebStamp labels (97 x 42.3 mm) – 12 labels

WebStamp labels are available from every Swiss Post branch. If these Webstamp labels are used, the printer settings do not need to be changed. You can keep the printer’s standard settings to print the stamps.

Order “WebStamp” labels here!

  • Avery Zweckform 3422 (70 x 35 mm) – 24 labels
  • Avery Zweckform 3427 (105 x 74 mm) – 8 labels 
  • Avery Zweckform 3481 (70 x 41 mm) – 21 labels
  • Avery Zweckform 3651 (52.5x29.7mm) – 40 labels 
  • Avery Zweckform 3657 (48.5x25.4mm) – 40 labels 
  • Avery Zweckform 3659 (97 x 42 mm) – 12 labels 
  • Avery Zweckform 4781 (97 x 42 mm) – 12 labels 
  • Avery Zweckform 6122 (70 x 36 mm) – 24 labels 
  • Avery Zweckform 6174 (70 x 42.3 mm) – 21 labels 
  • Avery Zweckform J8563 (70 x 35 mm) transparent – 14 labels
  • Avery Zweckform L4772 (70 x 35 mm) transparent – 12 labels
  • Avery Zweckform 3483/6120 (105 x 148) – 4 labels
  • Avery Zweckform 3655 – (210 x 148mm) – 2 labels
  • Büroline 500026 (97x42.3mm)  – 12 labels 
  • Büroline 500029 (105x148mm) – 4 labels  
  • Corporate Express (97 x 42.3 mm) – 12 labels 
  • Herma 4457 (105 x 48 mm) – 12 labels 
  • Herma 4282 (210 x 148mm) – 2 labels 
  • Herma 4676 (105 x 148mm) – 4 labels 
  • Migros PAPETERIA 7203.103 (105x70mm) – 8 Etiketten
  • Migros PAPETERIA 7203.106 (70x42.4mm) – 21 Etiketten
  • Migros PAPETERIA 7203.107 (70x37mm) – 24 Etiketten
  • Migros PAPETERIA 7203.112 (70 x 37.1 mm) – 24 labels
  • Migros PAPETERIA 7203.113 (105 x 41 mm) – 14 labels
  • Migros PAPETERIA 7203.178 (97 x 42.3 mm) – 12 labels

Letter formats

  • C4
  • C5 
  • C5/C6
  • C6 
  • C4, C5, C5/C6 window envelope (window on left or right)
  • User-defined

Label printer (thermolabels)

  • Brother P-touch DK-11241 (102 x 152 mm)
  • Brother P-touch DK-22243 (102 x 152 mm)
  • Brother P-touch DK-11208 (30 x 99 mm)
  • Brother P-touch DK-22205 (62 mm)
  • Dymo Labels 11356 (41 x 89 mm)
  • Dymo Labels 99012 (36 x 89 mm)
  • Dymo Labels 99013 (36 x 89 mm transp.)
  • Dympo Labels 99014 (54 x 101 mm)
  • Dympo Labels S0904980 (104 x 159 mm)
  • Seiko SLP-2RLE (36 x 89 mm)
  • Seiko SLP-SRL (54 x 101 mm)
  • User-defined

WebStamp can be used to frank domestic and international letter mail only.

Parcels can be franked using the “Domestic parcel labels” online service.

Domestic and international letters with the following shipping methods and value-added services can be franked with WebStamp:


  • A Mail
  • B Mail
  • Registered (R)**
  • A Mail Plus**
  • Dispomail (business customers with a billing relationship) **
Value-added services for Registered mail
  • Return receipt
  • Personal delivery
  • Electronic cash on delivery (for business customers with a billing relationship) **
  • Consignment thickness between 2 cm and 5 cm
  • Pro Juventute
  • “pro clima” surcharge

Outside Switzerland

  • International PRIORITY letters

  • International ECONOMY letters

In accordance with the specifications of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the International Post Corporation (IPC), electronic data for all international consignments containing goods must in future be sent to the postal organizations abroad in advance. The aim is to simplify customs clearance, reduce transit times and provide transport companies with goods information by disclosing detailed data about the sender, recipient and consignment content. WebStamp offers the convenient option of entering the required data yourself. The necessary fields are displayed automatically once you indicate in WebStamp that you want to send a consignment containing goods abroad.

Value-added services
  • Registered
  • Personal delivery
  • Return receipt Surcharges

“pro clima” surcharge

** In each case with barcode for electronic Track & Trace

Stamps created with WebStamp are valid for a period of one year.

The validity period is shown accordingly in our online service when you create the postage paid impressions. No expiry date is printed on the postage paid impression or included in the data matrix code. Once the official period of validity of a stamp created with WebStamp has expired, it can still be used without any surcharge. A problem arises in the event of a price increase. Personalized stamps should always show the correct value of a product/postage. Consignments with multiple WebStamp franking cannot be processed in the letter processing centers as the system reader only records a data matrix code. The expiry date is therefore required to avoid too large a number of personalized stamps being created and stored.

Validity example: as long as an A Mail item costs CHF 1.00, it is still possible to use a personalized stamp with a face value of CHF 1.00 but which is older than one year. Following a price increase, a consignment franked with WebStamp can only be re-franked in a Swiss Post branch or branch with partner using a postage stamp. Postage stamps created using WebStamp cannot be returned or cancelled.


Very occasionally, an error may occur when printing a postage paid impression. If your postage paid impression is not correctly printed on your label sheet, please check the printer settings. Ensure that the “actual size” or “size = 100%” function is selected.

The repeated printing of a PDF document with personalized stamps that have already been created generates no further costs. Every stamp created with WebStamp may however only be affixed to a consignment once.

You will be notified immediately of the use of duplicates so that you can react accordingly. Duplicates are either charged directly to your online account or invoiced to you.


In accordance with the General Terms and Conditions for WebStamp, stamps that have been created with WebStamp may not be copied or printed multiple times. Duplicates refer to consignments handed in for sending that have the same postage paid impression (recognizable by an identical franking ID). Every stamp created with WebStamp may only be affixed to a consignment and sent once. Duplicates will be franked accordingly by Swiss Post. Furthermore, a processing fee of CHF 1.00 per duplicate will apply, with a minimum charge of CHF 10.00. An example: 80 duplicates for a standard A Mail letter cost CHF 160.00, CHF 80.00 postage (80 × CHF 1.00) for the subsequent franking plus CHF 80.00 processing fee (80 × CHF 1.00).

With “WebStamp” you simply pay the face value. Your personal stamps are used just like regular stamps.

The advantage of WebStamp is primarily the fact that you can personalize the postal prepayment impression. Several million personalized stamps sold every year underscore the fact that Swiss Post customers appreciate this personalization. They are happy to accept the slightly higher production costs. The prices of our “WebStamp” labels take account of the fact that you can obtain small quantities (60 items). Smaller volumes are generally a little more expensive – although this is not necessarily a disadvantage to you as you do not need to purchase 300 items from a different provider.

You can avoid paying any label costs if you print the postage paid impressions directly onto the envelopes.

Swiss Post is not entirely free to set its own prices. A postage price adjustment for letters, which are subject to the letter monopoly, can only be decided by the Federal Council. The same applies for the postage paid impressions created using WebStamp.

“WebStamp” web service

The “WebStamp” web service facilitates the electronic connection between your company-specific ERP system (enterprise resource planning) and WebStamp. Notable companies active in online trade, such as Ricardo, Sage, Crealogix or Exsila, already use this solution to connect their online shop to Swiss Post’s franking services. With the “WebStamp” web service, you generate postage prepaid impressions including barcodes and recipient/sender details.

The connection requires several steps and should only be performed by a specialist. To obtain more information and to register, please contact In the case of a specifically planned connection, please complete the relevant form. We will then contact you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps.

Find out more about the “WebStamp” web service

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