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Here’s how it works

If a registered letter is on its way to a recipient, he or she may grant Swiss Post authorization for delivery. The mail carrier then delivers the registered letter by regular mail to the letter section of the recipient’s private letter box. Authorization for delivery is granted via the “My consignments” online service and is only available to private customers who have a Swiss Post Customer Login with a verified address. With the authorization for delivery, the recipient confirms that they do not wish to receive the registered item personally. It is important to note that the recipient must issue an authorization for delivery individually for each registered letter.

Advantages for senders and recipients

Advantages for senders

  • The sender benefits from faster confirmation of receipt and faster delivery.
  • The recipient’s authorization for delivery helps prevent the extension of the collection period and the consignment being returned in the event of non-collection.
  • The sender does not need to make any systematic adjustments for the recipient to grant authorization for delivery.
  • The recipient has to register using his or her personal Swiss Post Customer Login. This means that only the recipient can issue an authorization for delivery and no other person, as was the case with the previous standard delivery.
  • Once authorization for delivery has been granted, the recipient may no longer refuse to accept the registered letter.

Advantages for recipients

  • The recipient does not need to go to the branch because the registered letter will arrive in their private letter box.
  • The recipient is informed in advance and in person that the registered letter is on its way.
  • The recipient can react even if he or she is not at home.

Statutory situation

Authorization for delivery means that the mail carrier places the registered letter in the customer’s private letter box, so there is no need for a signature on the scanner. The authorization for delivery, together with proof of actual impersonal delivery, serves as confirmation of receipt in accordance with the postal legislation provisions (PostA and PostO), making it an alternative to on-the-spot confirmation. The information is displayed to mail carriers on the scanner when they stand in front of a letter box system. If the customer does not react and is not at home, the mail carrier will place a collection note for registered mail into the private letter box as before.

In accordance with PostCom, Swiss Post continues to fulfil its universal service obligation with the authorization for delivery:

  • The “Registered” product is not covered in the postal legislation; from a legal perspective, registered letters only have to fulfil the requirement of confirmation of receipt.
  • Confirmation of receipt may either be provided against signature or against authorization for delivery.
  • Within this legal framework, Swiss Post is free to develop the product further.
  • Up to now, registered mail has fulfilled the requirement of confirmation of receipt, and therefore differs from A Mail Plus consignments.


Delivered with authorization for delivery.

Before placing an order, the private recipient must confirm that they have read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions of “My consignments”. Swiss Post documents the delivery electronically. After delivery of the registered letter, any and all liability claims against Swiss Post are excluded.

For business customers, confirmation of receipt can be viewed in the “Track consignments Business” online service, and authorization for delivery is displayed as follows in track and trace:


The authorization for delivery is only issued for one specific consignment at a time. It is not possible to set this up on a permanent basis – e.g. for all registered letters. Business customers (customers with a billing relationship) have the option of excluding delivery with an authorization for delivery to private letter boxes when mailing registered letters.


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