Registered international letters
International letter mail with confirmation of posting and delivery

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With the “Registered” value-added service, you receive definitive proof of posting for your international letter mail. Because the delivery requires a signature, you can be certain that your consignment has reached the recipient.

  • Value-added service for “International PRIORITY letters” 
  • For reliable mailing to all countries
  • Maximum liability of CHF 150.00
  • Can be combined with a range of value-added services 
  • Recipients must sign for letters

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Important information

Depending on the destination country, delivery is within three to ten days after posting. Delivery times differ according to destination. The country-specific transport times are based on the “International PRIORITY letter” service. You can find the transport times in the “International Information” online service.

  • It is not possible to combine Registered and PRIORITY Plus.
  • Shipping of banknotes and precious metals (B securities) is not permitted. The import regulations and traffic restrictions depend on the destination country.

  • Registered mail must be labelled with a postage paid impression and the Recommandé barcode sticker. 
  • Registered mail must be handed in in a sealed envelope and include the sender address. 
  • Gummed seals or adhesive tape must be marked by the sender or stamped by the acceptance point. 
  • The recipient address cannot be written in pencil and cannot contain abbreviations.

The maximum compensation in the event of loss or damage to registered international items is CHF 150.00.

With the “Track consignments” online service, you can track the progress of registered letters in countries with consignment tracking for exports along the entire shipping route.


Registered international is a value-added service for “International PRIORITY letter”. It is based on the prices for “International PRIORITY letters”. The following prices apply to the available value-added services.

Registered international mail
Confirmation of posting and delivery


+ CHF 6.00

Combinable value-added services

Price benefits on addressed letters

As a customer with a billing relationship with Swiss Post, correctly prepared letter volumes will see you benefit from price reductions and discounts. This is your reward for supporting efficient processing.

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