Carbon-neutral shipping
Good for the climate, good for your reputation

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Carbon-neutral shipping helps both the environment and your company.


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Every transport service pollutes the environment with CO2 emissions. Thanks to “pro clima” – Shipment, you can contribute towards a better climate for just a few centimes per consignment. Swiss Post invests these surcharges into high-quality climate protection projects at home and abroad. This involves the reduction of greenhouse gases and the promotion of sustainable development in the project region. This is how we offset the CO2 emissions created when transporting your mail. The reduction in CO2 achieved with the “pro clima” surcharges can be incorporated into your company communications as a promotional message.

Your benefits

“pro clima” shipping offers you the following benefits:

  • Carbon-neutral mailing protects the environment.
  • Climate protection projects of the highest quality guarantee sustainable development at the project locations.
  • The “pro clima” label identifies carbon-neutral consignments and sends a positive signal to recipients.
  • Small surcharge on the basic price with no administrative costs.
  • Swiss Post’s carbon offsetting volumes for the previous year are certified. 
  • You can communicate this and boost your image.
  • Guarantee thanks to external auditors.
  • Your “pro clima” surcharges are fully invested in carbon offsetting.

The following climate protection projects will be supported by your contribution:

Biodigesters on Swiss farms

The storage of liquid manure and dung is an agricultural activity, but it does lead to the production of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Modern biodigesters on Swiss farms collect this greenhouse gas and use it to produce heat and electricity – thus turning methane, which is harmful to the climate, into a clean energy source for eco-electricity.

Household-scale biodigesters in Cambodia

Gas and electricity? For many Cambodians gas and electricity cannot be taken for granted. This is why small household-scale private biodigesters in Cambodia are extremely important, particularly in rural areas: Livestock manure is mixed with water in the biodigesters. This is all it takes to make clean fuel for a better quality of life. Kitchens are smoke-free, the houses have light, and the occupants’ respiratory health is improved. And there are environmental benefits too. The biodigesters funded by Swiss Post have reduced CO2 emissions in Cambodia year-on-year by 95,000 tonnes.

Become a “pro clima” customer

Register online

Complete the registration form and we will be in touch. 

Contact your customer advisor 

Your personal customer advisor will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding carbon- neutral shipping.

Use the digital WebStamp

“pro clima” – Shipment is also possible without a contract via WebStamp: With a simple click of the mouse, you can add the “pro clima” – Shipment label to your consignments, alongside your individually designed stamps, as a sign of your support for climate protection.


Surcharge per domestic item

Services Surcharge
Domestic letters / PromoPost consignments Covered by Swiss Post[1]
PostPac PRIORITY and PostPac ECONOMY, incl. Bulky goods PRIORITY and Bulky goods ECONOMY PostPac Promo CHF 0.05
Swiss-Express “Moon” incl. bulky goods CHF 0.06
VinoLog consignments CHF 0.05
Small consignments transport CHF 0.43
SameDay afternoon CHF 0.27
SameDay evening CHF 0.27
Swiss-Courier “Innight” CHF 0.19

1  Swiss Post dispatches all addressed domestic letter and PromoPost consignments mail carbon neutrally and covers the costs of the CO2 offsetting.

Surcharge per international item

Services Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6
International letters (PRIORITY and ECONOMY) CHF 0.02 CHF 0.05 - - - -
PostPac International PRIORITY CHF 0.14 CHF 0.77 CHF 0.77 CHF 1.20 CHF 2.25 CHF 3.79
PostPac International ECONOMY CHF 0.11 CHF 0.73 CHF 0.73 CHF 1.20 CHF 2.25 CHF 3.79
European Business Parcel (GLS) CHF 0.29 CHF 0.30 CHF 0.30 CHF 0.45 - -
Small consignments transport - - - - - -
Business Mail PRIORITY and ECONOMY, Distance Selling Mail CHF 0.02 CHF 0.05 - - - -

Carbon-neutral domestic letters / carbon-neutral PromoPost

Swiss Post sends all addressed domestic letters and PromoPost consignments carbon-neutrally and covers the “pro clima” surcharges for offsetting CO2 emissions.

Join us in our commitment

You too can set an example and benefit from Swiss Post’s commitment to climate protection. By sticking a “pro clima” shipment label on your addressed domestic letters or PromoPost consignments, you are increasing your contribution to sustainability. We would be happy to provide you with the required “pro clima” shipment labels.


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