Safe shipping of dangerous goods in small quantities
Dangerous goods (LQ) value-added service for parcel consignments

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Which goods may be transported in the parcel channel?

The “Dangerous goods LQ” value-added service enables you to ship dangerous goods that are permitted in the parcel channel. This includes not only “limited quantities (LQ)” in the narrower sense, but also lithium batteries or dry ice. The following chart shows the dangerous goods permitted in the Swiss Post parcel channel:

Accepted in the parcel channel: Dangerous goods in limited quantities (LQ). Dangerous good in excepted quantitites (EQ). Biological substances category B. Lithium batteries in accordance with SV 188. Medical laboratory sampels «Exempt huma specimen» or «Exempt veterinary specimen». UN 3245 (GMO). Dry ice «Dry ice as coolant» or «Carbon dioxide, solid as coolant». UN 1006, UN 1013, UN 1046, UN 1066, in canisters with max. 152 bar liter accoring SV 653.

The quantity of dangerous goods permitted in the parcel channel depends on the dangerous goods concerned and is governed by the ADR regulations.

As the sender, you are responsible and liable for ensuring that only permitted goods are sent in the parcel channel and that the dangerous goods are correctly safely packaged and correctly labelled. The “Dangerous goods LQ” value-added service barcode must be affixed to all permitted dangerous goods consignments.

You can find more details about goods which may be sent as dangerous goods LQ in the ADR regulations.

The sending of dangerous goods consignments is subject to a fee as of 1 January 2020:

Private customers: CHF 1.10 incl. VAT

Business customers: CHF 1.00 excl. VAT (list price)

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What must I pay attention to?
Packaging and labelling correctly

Swiss Post agrees to transport dangerous goods via the parcel channel that satisfy standard parcel dimensions and comply with road and rail transport regulations:

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