SameDay Swiss afternoon
Consignments delivered on the same day

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Do you want your consignment to reach its recipient by 5 p.m. on the same day? If so, you can use the “SameDay Swiss afternoon” service. The service is available in many regions.

Here’s how SameDay Swiss afternoon works

  • SameDay Swiss consignments can be posted on any working day at branches authorized to accept SameDay Swiss mail until the acceptance cut-off time for these sorts of consignments. Acceptance cut-off times may vary between acceptance points. You can find our acceptance points, in addition to their acceptance cut-off times and collection times, in the location search.

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    For business customers:

  • Your consignments will reach their recipients by 5 p.m. on the same day.

Price for SameDay Swiss afternoon

Delivery with SameDay Swiss afternoon costs CHF 64 incl. VAT, regardless of weight and size.

Value-added services

You can supplement the “SameDay Swiss afternoon” service with the following value-added services:

Delivery areas

A map of switzerland with the delivery areas. The following are shown: Branches, counters for business customers, delivery area SameDay afternoon, delivery area SameDay evening.

The “SameDay Swiss afternoon” service is available only in specific regions. Use the “Locations and opening hours” online service to check whether SameDay Swiss afternoon is available in your region. To do so, enter your postcode into the search field within the online service.

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