Items for the blind
Postage-free mail from and for blind people

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Items for the blind are intended for people with visual impairments or organizations. You can send and receive letters or parcels weighing up to 7 kg postage-free. There are a number of points to consider.

Who can send and receive items for the blind?

People with a visual impairment or organizations that send items that support people with a visual impairment.

What are regarded as items for the blind?

The following contents are permitted as items for the blind:

  • Documents in braille printing.
  • Sound recordings by or for persons with visual impairments.
  • Goods, equipment, aids and other products that have been created or adapted to assist or facilitate people with visual impairments (writing aids, speaking clocks/watches, canes for the blind, special mobile phones, MP3 players, colour recognition devices, board games, wallets/purses and so on).

This excludes content that is not specifically designed for people with visual impairments or that is used for commercial purposes.

Sending items for the blind correctly

Shipping in Switzerland

Hand in sealed or unsealed items for the blind in Switzerland.

As a letter

  • Up to B5 format (25 x 17.6 cm), up to 5 cm thick and up to 250 g
  • Up to B4 format (35.3 x 25 cm), up to 2 cm thick and up to 1,000 g

Letters must bear the handwritten labels “Item for the blind”, “envoi pour les aveugles” or “cécogramme”.

Letters with barcode (Registered, A Mail Plus or Dispomail) also require the CEC barcode.

As a parcel

  • Maximum format: 100 x 60 x 60 cm
  • Maximum weight: 7 kg

Parcels require the CEC barcode in addition to the consignment barcode.

CEC barcode

International shipping

Always send items for the blind abroad unsealed.

Only letters with the following formats are permitted:

  • Up to B5 format, max. 2 cm thick and weight 100 g
  • Up to B4 format, max. 2 cm thick and weight 1,000 g
  • Maxi letter: length + width + height = max. 90 cm and weight 7 kg

All international consignments must be labelled “envoi pour les aveugles” or “Item for the blind”. They may not display any remarks or contain any correspondence and are always sent as letter mail.

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