Address parcels correctly
How to ensure your parcels reach recipients on time

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Addressing parcels correctly is important for ensuring efficient processing. Using the correct address format and providing complete address information ensures the entire mailing process runs smoothly and that consignments are delivered without problems to the correct recipient.

Here’s how it works


You can find the correct postcode in Swiss Post’s postcode directory.

A correct postal address contains:

  • At least three and no more than six lines
  • Addressing always lengthwise on the consignment
  • No spaces between the lines of the address
  • No underlined postcode or town
  • The correct postcode and the full name of the town
  • Fully visible addresses
  • Clear recipient details with full company name, last name and first name
  • Official street name in full and correct house number

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Different addressing is required for our PickPost and My Post 24 services:

Address fields

Example with Steven Sample and User ID

First name and last name Steven Sample
Additional address information user ID
Street Bahnhofstrasse 67
Postcode and town 5000 Aarau

Addressing for military consignments

We transport private letters and parcels weighing up to 5 kg to military personnel (without value-added services) free of charge. Personal and official military consignments from military personnel or army headquarters weighing up to 30 kg (incl. value-added services) are also transported postage-free.


  • Military rank, first name and last name
  • Precise designation of the unit, the staff, the school or the course
  • For a barracks address: barracks, postcode, town
  • For a field address: “Military” remark with the correct military code number on the last line


Barracks address Field address
Rekr Erich Müller
Sdt Hans Meier
Pz RS 23-1 Inf Kp 13/1
Kp 2, Zug 1
Military 61114
3609 Thun

Affixing shipping labels

Address labels must have a paper weight of at least 80g/m2, should not be reflective and must be adhesive over their entire surface area. Affix the address label at the bottom right of the largest surface of the parcel and remove all old labels.

Create and pay for parcel labels

“Barcode” web service for business customers

Affixing shipping labels

For trapezoidal packaging in the shape of a truncated pyramid, affix the labels to the side opposite the largest surface. The full address must be affixed to the same horizontal surface.

Help with international consignments