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Swiss Post opens ICT Campus and is to offer around 830 apprenticeship positions for 2016

Next year Swiss Post will offer over 800 apprenticeship positions in logistics, retail, commercial roles and maintenance as well as a practically-oriented bachelor’s degree in information technology. In addition, Swiss Post has opened its ICT Campus in Berne this summer to strengthen its IT training.

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Out of about 63,000 employees at Swiss Post, more than 2,000 are apprentices. 700 apprentices successfully completed their training at Swiss Post this summer, with 13 percent achieving an overall mark of 5.3 or above. Many of them want to continue working at Swiss Post after their basic training: four out of five apprenticeship graduates start their first job in the company where they did their apprenticeship. For the apprentices starting in summer 2016, more than 800 young people can choose training placements in 15 different occupations, whether in sales, communication, logistics, IT or maintenance. The wide range of basic training gives school leavers a great start to their professional lives. The process of filling the apprenticeship places for 2016 has already started.

ICT training further strengthened

Since the beginning of August around 50 IT, mediamatics and commercial apprentices from across the Group have been learning and working together at the new ICT Campus in Berne. This is where IT apprentices spend their first year of basic training. They will also process tasks from PostFinance and other Swiss Post units in a PowerTeam together with apprentices from different years.

In addition, 10 students on the new practically-oriented bachelor’s degree (PiBS) course are starting at Swiss Post in August 2015. Swiss Post offers this IT degree course in collaboration with the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences (FFHS). This form of study enables secondary school (Gymnasium) leavers to acquire a degree from a university of applied sciences whilst immediately entering the world of work. The training lasts four years and, along with one year of basic training in IT, also includes stages of study geared towards the various (IT) units at Swiss Post and PostFinance.

Besides this new training, Swiss Post is planning to increase the number of apprenticeship places in ICT occupations from its current level of 100 to around 160 due to the steadily rising demand for ICT professionals.

PowerTeams: apprentices carry responsibility

The PowerTeams will operate at the ICT Campus in Berne and at Swiss Post IT in Zollikofen. In a clearly defined area, the apprentices will carry responsibility for a project from beginning to end and manage the necessary processes independently. Coaches will support the apprentices and provide professional advice. Many of the decisions will be made by the apprentices themselves. That way they will acquire additional specialist and social skills as well as experience in project management.

More information on apprenticeships

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