Coronavirus: completely new timetable

The coronavirus also means avoiding public transport. This is why PostBus produced a new timetable within a short space of time. What is Swiss Post doing to protect customers and employees? And how are mail carriers dealing with the current situation?

Sandra Gonseth

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Marc Andri ­Leuthold, Head of Timetable Planning at PostBus.

Marc Andri ­Leuthold, Head of Timetable Planning at PostBus

“We reduced the timetable from 15-minute to 30-minute intervals and from 30-minute to 60-minute intervals, and in some cases to a two-hour interval. The fact that our planning system was unable to provide the support required at this time – due to our working from home – was a major challenge for us. We are growing closer as a company and as a society, and will emerge from this crisis stronger. I nevertheless still wonder what lessons we will learn and what issues will be addressed in future?”

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Such a far-reaching change to the timetable in such a short space of time is completely unprecedented. Over 30 experts from PostBus – in close cooperation with other transport companies – produced a completely new timetable for all 900 lines. This process would normally take several months. But why this major overhaul?

Fewer passengers

The coronavirus outbreak has had a huge impact on public transport: PostBus is reporting a fall in passenger numbers of 50% to 80%. That is why the timetable had to be drastically scaled back, while maintaining a basic service for the public. A different approach was taken to tourist transport and night-time services at the weekend, which were cancelled under a Federal Council resolution.

Protecting employees

  • Front door remains closed
  • Ticket sales by the driver no longer possible
  • No ticket inspections
  • Customers are requested to purchase their tickets online
  • The front row of seats is cordoned off on all buses
  • Distribution of disinfectants to clean the driver’s cabins

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Sandra Gonseth


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