“We’re doing an apprenticeship at Swiss Post”

Swiss Post offers a wide range of attractive career paths. Five apprentices tell us which apprenticeship they have chosen and why.

Sandra Gonseth

Olivia Beutler, apprentice
Olivia Beutler, Federal VET diploma in distribution logistics. Copyright: Urs Graber

Olivia Beutler (23), Federal VET Diploma in distribution logistics, successfully completed in June 2020

Place of work: Härkingen parcel center

Hobby: Spending time in nature

“This is actually my second basic training course at Swiss Post. Initially, I completed an apprenticeship in retail. Why did I decide to start another apprenticeship? A dynamic career is very important to me, and I am fascinated by the logistics sector. What exactly is logistics? What processes do parcels and letters go through? There are so many aspects to logistics, and I learn something new every day. I prefer to work at the counter for business customers, where we load and unload the trucks and transfer the consignments into the various processes. No two ways about it — I work in a male-dominated area. But that doesn’t faze me at all. My colleagues are very helpful and always ask whether they should carry a particularly heavy parcel for me. Because I like the job so much, I’m going to start working at the Härkingen letter center after my apprenticeship. I’m looking forward to gaining even more professional experience in logistics.”

Saliou MBaye, apprentice
Saliou MBaye, Federal VET Diploma for call center agents Copyright: Urs Graber

Saliou MBaye (17), Federal VET diploma for call center agents, third-year apprentice

Place of work: Bienne

Hobby: Football

“I made a conscious decision to start an apprenticeship rather than follow the academic route, because I wanted to immerse myself in the world of work as quickly as possible. Now I can put theory into practice immediately, which I enjoy. Why an apprenticeship at Swiss Post? You learn about the different career pathways during the taster days. I thought that was great. There’s also the GA travelcard, another plus point. My brother works at Swiss Post, too. So it was my dream company from the very beginning. As a call center agent, I resolve various customer issues over the phone. That’s exciting, and requires a lot of patience. Sometimes I’m even a little too patient and have conversations that are too long – we have to adhere to certain time limits. Call center agents also need to be able to communicate well and lead a conversation actively. Especially in this time of crisis, I’ve realized how important a secure job is, so I could well imagine adding my Federal Vocational Baccalaureate and staying at Swiss Post. However, I haven’t yet decided whether I’ll stay in my current unit.”

Saliou’s YouTube video

Amanda Marchetti, apprentice
Amanda Marchetti, Federal VET Diploma in informatics. Copyright: Urs Graber

Amanda Marchetti (18), Federal VET Diploma in informatics, third-year apprentice

Place of work: Bellinzona

Hobbies: Meeting friends, reading, puzzles

“Three years ago, I happened to see the advertisement for the informatics apprenticeship, and I applied. I already liked Swiss Post – my mother used to work there, and my father convinced me to give it a try. I only started programming during my apprenticeship, but nowadays, I’m hooked on it and program in my free time as well. It was a whole new world for me, and thanks to fantastic trainers, I got off to a great start. There are many advantages to apprenticeships: I’m learning how to handle money at an early stage of my life, gaining insight into the world of work and learning to implement my own ideas. For example, I worked on the “My consignments” project, which lets customers choose online when and where to have a parcel delivered. There are only a few women on the informatics apprenticeship – only about two or three in each year. But it’s a profession that’s also very suitable for women. I guess girls don’t receive enough information about it. If possible, I’ll stay with Swiss Post after my apprenticeship. I plan to continue my education part-time at the University of Applied Sciences a few years down the line.” 

Maurice Junk, apprentice
Maurice Junk, Federal VET Diploma in ICT. Copyright: Urs Graber

Maurice Junk (17), Federal VET diploma in ICT, third-year apprentice

Place of work: Lucerne

Hobby: Skateboarding

“Swiss Post has been offering this career pathway since 2018. I belong to the first cohort of apprentices. Actually, I wanted to become a computer scientist, but my grades weren’t high enough. I’m glad about that now, because as an ICT specialist, I work on-site with customers 80 percent of the time. I install and configure ICT user devices such as PCs or notebooks and support the users. That’s something I really enjoy. I couldn’t imagine sitting in an office all day. Ideally, you’ll find me helping with office moves and reassembling all the hardware. The positive feedback from customers motivates me afresh every day. At Swiss Post, you receive a lot of support as an apprentice. The mentors notice immediately if you’re not feeling so great or if you’re not motivated. I think that’s great. How do I see my future? As an ICT specialist at Swiss Post, of course.”

Maurice’s YouTube video

Luca Dousse, apprentice
Luca Dousse, Federal VET Diploma for automation technicians / technician in industrial automation (Diploma, Higher Technical School). Copyright: Urs Graber

Luca Dousse (22), Federal VET Diploma for automation technicians / technician in industrial automation (Diploma, Higher Technical School)

Place of work: Zurich

Hobbies: Cycling, skiing, photography

“When I went to a careers fair, the profession of automation technician appealed to me the most. I enjoy manual work, and I’m also good at mathematics and physics. The perfect combination. The company offering my first apprenticeship fell into economic difficulties; fortunately, I was able to complete my apprenticeship at Swiss Post. I worked on maintenance for the sorting systems in the Éclépens letter center; this work is mainly mechanical and electronic. What I particularly like about this job is that you see a result right away. It’s a fascinating field where the technology is constantly evolving. After the Federal VET Diploma, I carried on developing my technical knowledge at the higher technical school in Yverdon. After that, I moved to Zurich, where I worked on the commissioning of a brand new parcel sorting system and had the opportunity to learn German. Now I have to join the army for a year to do my military service. What will I do after that? I’ll join the project development team in Härkingen. This team is responsible for the sorting systems and supports the major technical changes at Swiss Post.”

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