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A headache-free summer thanks to these digital services

It’s going to be a digital summer for everyone, both at home and on holiday. Swiss Post has the ideal solution for you, whether you’re organizing Postbus trips, managing parcels and letters or sending greetings via digital postcards – with Swiss Post’s digital services, you can do everything directly on your smartphone.

Claudia Iraoui

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A good Internet connection and simple, practical digital solutions are the perfect recipe for a hassle-free summer. Here is a summary of the digital services that can help make life easier for everyone – both at home and on holiday.

Do you think summer is all about going for a nice hike in the mountains?

If so, make sure you have the QR code that lets you know at all times when the next Postbus will be setting off. Most PostBus stops have a QR code on the timetable board. By scanning this code with your smartphone, you can view the departure times in real time and see details of delays and cancellations, so you will always know when the next Postbus is due to arrive.

Are you at home today and on the go tomorrow?

If so, you can simply place a “Retain mail” or “Redirect mail” order via the Post-App or at a branch. This will ensure you always receive your post where you need it. If you want to read your post every day, you have the option of downloading the ePost App. You will then receive the scanned correspondence in your e-mail inbox. And you can also pay invoices in no time at all if you link your ePost account to your bank account: you will simply receive invoices in the ePost App, where you can check, pay and archive them. 

Do you like to be spontaneous? 

You don’t always have to plan everything in advance: if you want to send a beautiful card spontaneously, you can also frank it on the go by using DigitalStamp via the Post-App. Handy, isn’t it? And if you ever forget a birthday card, you can always create one digitally via the PostCard Creator App. We then physically print and send the birthday greetings for you.

Win one of ten summer suitcases!

Do you already use the ePost App? If so, enter the competitionTarget not accessible by 16 July. With a bit of luck, one of ten sum-mer suitcases could soon be yours.

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Claudia Iraoui

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