Parcels and letters – 2023 in figures

How many parcels were delivered by Swiss Post in 2023? And what about the letter volume? Here are a few figures to give you a clearer picture of the past year at Swiss Post and what its delivery staff achieved.

Ludovic Cuany

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A customer and a mail carrier with a parcel by a delivery vehicle.

185 million parcels

In 2023, Swiss Post staff processed and delivered 185 million parcels throughout Switzerland, including those destined for abroad. That’s 4.7 percent fewer than the previous year. But a Herculean task nonetheless!

Number of parcels processed by Swiss Post

Annual change in parcel volumes between 2019 and 2024
The record of 202.1 million parcels set in 2021 was not beaten last year.

20 parcels per person

If all the parcels were distributed equally throughout Switzerland’s population of around 9 million people, you would have received 20 parcels by post in 2023. That obviously didn’t happen – many were delivered to companies or sent abroad. So are you above or below this average?

+24 percent

As a comparison with the pre-pandemic period, the parcel volume was up by 24 percent in relation to 2019. Forecasts and trends indicate that growth in online commerce will continue over the coming years. The current decline is just temporary.

1,647 million letters

There’s a constant fall in the number of letters being sent in Switzerland. This fact is confirmed year after year. Mail carriers delivered 1,647 million addressed letters in 2023, down 5.6 percent on the previous year.

Number of letters processed by Swiss Post

Annual change in letter volumes between 2019 and 2024
Letter volumes have constantly fallen since 2001, due to digitization in particular.

184 addressed letters per person

In 2023, you would have received 184 letters by post if the total volume were divided between Switzerland’s population of almost 9 million people. However, many of these were also delivered to companies or sent abroad.

Three new parcel sorting centers

In 2023, three new parcel sorting centers came into operation in Wallisellen, Pratteln and Härkingen. These additional sites increase sorting capacity by 20 percent a day. They also take the strain off the main centers during busy periods.

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