175 years in the service of people

  • 2022

    Introduction of LocalOnly

    Customers simply order seasonal products directly from bakeries, farms and other producers in their area. Swiss Post then delivers the products together with their letters. The LocalOnly online marketplace is the continuation of the “Brot-Post” and “Regional product delivery” services.

    A mail carrier places groceries in a mailbox
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  • 2021

    Swiss Post has Europe’s densest network of branches

    From 2021, the network stabilizes at a figure of around 800 self-operated branches. Swiss Post’s access points are accessible to more than 90 percent of the population within 20 minutes.

    Woman with bicycle and parcel in front of a Swiss Post branch
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  • 2010

    New secure letter boxes

    15,000 new secure letter boxes throughout Switzerland replace the existing letter boxes.

    Woman posts a letter
  • 2005

    Two customer service centers

    New customer service centers available under a single number in Fribourg and Schaffhausen.

    Staff with headsets
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  • 2001

    Home service

    Send a parcel or withdraw cash at your own front door? Swiss Post’s home service makes it possible for authorized persons.

    Mail carrier at a front door
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  • 2001

    Restructuring of Swiss Post’s branch network

    Customers’ habits are changing: fewer and fewer letters and parcels are being dropped off at post offices, and the number of over-the-counter inpayments is falling. A reduction from 3,500 to 2,500 post offices is planned.

    Post office with P.O. Box facility.
  • 1998


    In the wake of the PTT era coming to an end, the swisspost.ch website emerges as the most important digital access point.

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  • 1995

    “PubliCar” on-demand bus

    PostBus introduces the “PubliCar”, a flexible on-demand bus and the ideal alternative to scheduled services in sparsely populated areas.

    PubliCar on a mountain road
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  • 1978

    Easy cash withdrawals at Postomats

    The first Postomat comes into service at the Bern Schanzenpost post office

    A customer withdraws money from a Postomat. Photo: Peter Baur, Herrenschwanden. Source: Museum of Communication
  • 1977

    Postcheque account opening in post offices

    Customers can now open a Postcheque account at any large post office.

    Advertisement for Postcheque account, 1977
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  • 1912

    Stamp vending machines

    Swiss Post makes early efforts to automate certain services. In 1912, the first dark green, German-made stamp vending machines appear in lobbies in some of the bigger cities. In addition to stamps, the machines can soon also dispense postcards.

  • 1906

    Swiss Post in motion – the first Postbus

    The first automobile mail route connects Bern with Detligen. The distinctive “toot-to-tooot”, however, is not heard until years later.

    The first generation of Postbuses in the yard at the main post office in Bern, 1906. Source: Museum of Communication
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  • 1906

    Payment transactions via Swiss Post

    Swiss Post is assigned a “Postcheque and giro service”. Thanks to its dense network of 4,000 operating locations, it offers ideal conditions for this. In principle, anyone can now open an account and make cashless transfers.

    Postcheque counter at the main post office in Geneva, 1935. Source: Museum of Communication
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  • 1880–1900

    First Swiss Post building boom

    Around 26 monumental Swiss Post buildings are built in cantonal capitals and other large towns. With both its large and small post office buildings, Swiss Post represents the new federal state in all regions of Switzerland. The post offices in the municipalities are also home to the sub-postmasters. In some cases, the sub-postmaster dynasties last for generations.

    Main post office in St. Gallen, 1887. Source: Museum of Communication
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  • 1849

    Local roots

    While postal services in the early 19th century are still a private matter, it is not too long before cantonal postal administrations emerge. With the foundation of the Swiss Confederation, the cantonal postal administrations are merged into the Swiss federal postal service in 1849.

    Post office sign of the federal post office in Geneva

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