Swiss Post companies – worldwide.

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The strategic subsidiaries Post CH Ltd, PostFinance Ltd and PostBus Ltd now come under the umbrella of Swiss Post. They are affiliated with other subsidiaries. With this market-oriented structure, Swiss Post can react quickly to changes in the markets.

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Subsidiaries are legally independent companies over which Swiss Post exercises direct or indirect control (shareholdings as at 30.06.2019):


Subsidiaries Holdings
Botec Boncourt S.A. 100%
BPS Speditions-Service AG 100%
BPS Speditions-Service Basel AG, Arlesheim 100%
DMB Direct Mail Biel-Bienne AG 100%
Direct Mail Company AG 100%
Direct Mail Logistik AG 100%
Eden-Trans GmbH 100%
Epsilon SA 100%
notime AG 53%
notime (Schweiz) AG 53%
Post CH AG 100%
Post Company Cars AG 100%
Post Immobilien AG 100%
Post Immobilien Management und Services AG 100%
PostAuto AG 100%
PostFinance AG 100%
PostLogistics AG 100%
Presto Presse-Vertriebs AG 100%
PubliBike AG 100%
Relatra AG 100%
SecurePost AG 100%
Swiss Post SAT Holding AG 100%
Swiss Post Solutions AG 100%
Walli-Trans AG 100%


Subsidiaries Holdings
Société d'Affrètement et de Transit S.A.T. SA 100%


Subsidiaries Holdings
Bächle Logistics GmbH 100%
Swiss Post Solutions GmbH, Bamberg 100%
Swiss Post Solutions Holding GmbH 100%
Swiss Post Solutions GmbH, Prien 100%
Trans-Euro GmbH 100%
Zollagentur Imlig GmbH 100%


Subsidiaries Holdings
Autocars et Transports Grindler 100%
Autocars Trans-Azur SAS 100%
BLUESPED France Sàrl 100%
Botec Sàrl 100%
CarPostal Agde SAS 100%
CarPostal Bassin de Thau 100%
CarPostal Bourg-en-Bresse SAS 100%
CarPostal Bourgogne Franche-Comté SAS 100%
CarPostal Dole SAS 100%
CarPostal Foncière SCI 100%
CarPostal France SAS 100%
CarPostal Haguenau SAS 100%
CarPostal Interurbain SAS 100%
CarPostal Loire SARL 100%
CarPostal Méditerranée SAS 100%
CarPostal Riviera SAS 100%
CarPostal Salon de Provence SAS 100%
CarPostal Villefranche-sur-Saône SAS 100%
GR4 48%
Holding Rochette Participations SAS 100%
SCI S.A.T. 100%
Société d'Affrètement et de Transit S.A.T. SAS 100%
Société de Transports Internationaux S.T.I SARL 100%
Swiss Post Solutions SAS 100%
Tele-Trans SA 100%

United Kingdom

Subsidiaries Holdings
Swiss Post Solutions Ltd 100%


Subsidiaries Holdings
Swiss Post Solutions S.p.A. 100%


Subsidiaries Holdings
PostAuto Liechtenstein Anstalt 100%
Swiss Post Insurance AG 100%


Subsidiaries Holdings
Swiss Post Solutions Holding Pte. Ltd. 100%


Subsidiaries Holdings
Swiss Post Solutions Inc. 100%
Swiss Post US Holding Inc. 100%


Subsidiaries Holdings
Swiss Post Solutions Ltd. 100%

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