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Swiss Post is a company limited by shares subject to a special statutory regime. The strategic subsidiaries Post CH Ltd, PostFinance and PostBus Ltd are managed under a single umbrella. With this change in legal status, Swiss Post has modern structures and the entrepreneurial freedom it needs to carry out its varied tasks. It remains wholly owned by the Swiss Confederation.

The strategic subsidiaries

The strategic subsidiaries operate in the core markets of Swiss Post Ltd.

Post CH Ltd

Post CH Ltd operates in the communication and logistics markets. It incorporates four units:

  • PostMail
  • PostLogistics
  • Swiss Post Solutions
  • PostalNetwork

PostFinance Ltd

PostFinance Ltd operates in the retail financial market.

PostBus Ltd

PostBus Ltd operates in the passenger transport market.

The management and service units

The Group’s management and service units are also affiliated to Post CH Ltd. They support the provision of services and ensure that operations run smoothly.

The management and service units include:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Communication
  • Corporate Center
  • Information Technology
  • Real Estate
  • Development & Innovation
  • Corporate Account Organisation

Subsidiaries and associated companies

Other subsidiaries and associated companies are affiliated to the strategic subsidiaries. They are legally autonomous companies in which Swiss Post holds a stake.

Swiss Post subsidiaries
Swiss Post associated companies


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