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Swiss Post operates in a complex environment of conflicting political and regulatory requirements, social acceptance and economic interests. This can be a tense environment, in which Swiss Post strives to maintain a dialogue in order to help shape opinion-forming and decision-making processes and to integrate its political positions. By doing so, Swiss Post ensures that it can achieve its business goals within the context of its social responsibility.

Swiss Post in dialogue with its stakeholders

Video: Swiss Post in dialogue with its stakeholders.

Diverse stakeholders

Swiss Post belongs to the public, has a public service mandate and is one of the biggest employers in Switzerland. For this reason, Swiss Post has a multitude of political stakeholders that represent diverse interests and expectations.

Swiss Post maintains a regular dialogue with its stakeholders about important issues such as the quality of the universal service, pricing policy and the development of the post office network. It informs its stakeholders about its activities and plans in a timely and transparent manner. In doing so, it ensures that it represent its political interests credibly, uniformly and proactively. Contacts are maintained at international, national and regional levels.

The most important Swiss Post stakeholders

Swiss Post’s political positions

The Swiss Post position papers feature compact information as well as data and facts on the central political topics and challenges. The position papers are divided into topic areas currently under discussion in politics – as well as topics which have significance to Swiss Post in the present and future.

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