Swiss Post’s business activities

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Swiss Post wants to continue to be a company that operates without government support. This model obliges Swiss Post to finance its high-quality public services with profits that it generates itself. To earn the revenue required to do this, Swiss Post must remain relevant to its customers. The challenge for Swiss Post, therefore, is to continually adapt all of its products and services to changing requirements.

To allow it to respond quickly to current and future trends, Swiss Post intends to make targeted and increased investments where its growth opportunities lie: in the coming years, the company will focus on the logistics and communication markets, in which it aims to continue growing. While there is limited room for manoeuvre in the mobility market (PostBus), the financial services market (PostFinance) and the postal network (PostalNetwork), these units do also make an important contribution to the new strategy. Swiss Post Solutions is already growing internationally and is supported on this path by Swiss Post.

Logistics Services

Domestic and international business – with courier, express and parcel logistics, mail and services over the last mile – have made up Swiss Post’s core business in Switzerland for many years. In these areas, Swiss Post aims to fulfil its universal service obligation, consolidate its strong position in Switzerland and continue to develop internationally. Swiss Post will ensure an effective and sustainable connection between the Swiss economy and international goods flows with its relevant and innovative logistics services.

In the media and advertising market, Swiss Post plans in particular to develop tailored services for cross-channel communication and the newspaper and magazine business.

In goods logistics, Swiss Post seeks to provide companies with easy access to the global market. To do so, Swiss Post is making targeted investments in the domestic market and, where necessary, in neighbouring countries. Swiss Post also combines previous industry know-how with existing logistics expertise and develops relevant industry solutions.

Through its digital logistics platforms, Swiss Post facilitates logistics services and is expanding its range of value-added services.

Communication Services

Swiss Post assumes the role of a trustworthy, independent intermediary between the physical and digital worlds, focusing on four market areas:

With trust-based information services, Swiss Post transports data in a secure, unalterable and traceable manner, and ensures that the sender and recipient are authorized to receive and send the information. Swiss Post is therefore applying the principle of mail secrecy to the digital world.

With digital assistant services, Swiss Post ensures that the interfaces between the physical and digital worlds function smoothly. The company helps Swiss SMEs and the general public to navigate the digitized world securely and easily.

Swiss Post is expanding its position as an established provider of secure and legally compliant digital services for public authorities, strengthening its key role in digitizing processes for the Confederation, cantons and municipalities and simplifying the dialogue between citizens and the state.

In the market area of digital health, Swiss Post is continuing to reinforce its leading role as a one-stop provider in the healthcare sector and tapping into new business areas, focusing in particular on creating a network of all stakeholders and, in turn, helping to simplify processes.


Swiss Post’s physical presence in all regions of Switzerland reflects our view of a nationwide universal service. Swiss Post is continuing to expand its network, which currently totals more than 4,700 access points, with innovations such as terminals and services at home. Swiss Post is investing some 40 million francs in modernizing over 300 self-operated branches. It is also strengthening the quality of its branches with partners through local support from Swiss Post staff, training for partner staff and customer-friendly infrastructure. The network will be stabilized from 2021, when a figure of around 800 self-operated branches has been reached.

Swiss Post is now opening its premises to large service providers and public authorities, enabling them to remain close to their customers. By taking this step, Swiss Post is establishing new service centers in all regions of Switzerland with products and services that are relevant to everyday life.

Mobility Services

PostBus is number one in road-based public passenger transport in Switzerland. PostBus intends to continue strengthening this position, as the Swiss public transport system needs to remain attractive and meet customer requirements in the future. To achieve this goal, PostBus is systematically forging strategic partnerships – including with other public transport companies – to develop customer-friendly, environmentally-friendly and affordable services for all residents of Switzerland. Because half of regional passenger transport is publicly funded, PostBus does everything it can to ensure that the compensatory payments from the Confederation, cantons and municipalities are used as efficiently as possible.

Swiss Post supplements its services in the mobility market with Post Company Cars, Switzerland’s biggest manufacturer-independent full-service fleet management company.

The companies operating in the mobility services sector wish to jointly leverage cross-company synergies – for example by developing new multimodal solutions. These are intended to be simple, efficient, sustainable and digitally connected.


PostFinance is accelerating the pace of digital transformation and is focusing ever more consistently on its customers’ requirements with its new “SpeedUp” strategy. It now divides its core business into four business units.

In Payment Solutions, PostFinance is becoming the leading reliable partner for payment and debt collection solutions for retailers and invoice issuers in Switzerland. In Retail Banking, PostFinance provides its private and business customers with proven solutions and advice on the smartest way to manage money – both physically and digitally. With Digital First Banking, it is developing a brand new service for “Banking & Beyond” geared entirely to the digital world. In Platform Business, PostFinance aims to build on Valuu to create an independent Swiss platform for comparing and taking out financing, insurance and pension solutions.

PostFinance hopes to be able to issue loans and mortgages independently in future. This decision lies with the Swiss Parliament.

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