What sustainability means for Swiss Post

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What sustainability means for Swiss Post

Sustainability has many facets – particularly at a company such as Swiss Post, which operates in such different markets. Our commitment to a harmonious environment and society reflects this diversity: in the field of climate protection, we are improving our energy efficiency and increasing our share of renewable energies. We advocate fair working conditions and ecological measures among our suppliers. And by supporting social and cultural projects, we give something back to the people in our country.

We assume corporate responsibility by ensuring an appropriate balance between economic success, environmental action and social responsibility. To achieve this, we base our approach on the UN’s Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development GoalsTarget not accessible.

We also support the UN Global CompactTarget not accessible initiative in our capacity as a member, because we view the implementation of its ten principles as the basis of responsible corporate governance.

We have recorded more about our self-perception, our standards and our actions in our Corporate Responsibility charter (PDF, 2.8 MB).

The environment, the economy and we humans need new ideas and approaches for sustainable development. Swiss Post wants to be a pioneer and a role model in this respect. This is something I’m working on with our staff every day.

Roberto Cirillo, CEO Swiss Post
Portrait Roberto Cirillo