Our drive towards green – we are committed to a sustainable future

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Climate film

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A sustainable future for the next generation is a key concern for Swiss Post. From 2025 we will transport letters and parcels in urban centers in a carbon-neutral manner. We also want to make our in-house operations completely carbon neutral from 2030. This includes switching to alternative drive systems, acquiring 100 percent of electricity from renewable energy sources in Switzerland and withdrawing from fossil fuel heating. From 2040, our entire value chain will also be carbon neutral, meaning that the entire company will be net zero.

That is why we will neutralize unavoidable residual emissions in our own operations from 2030. This means that in addition to our carbon reduction activities, we will also actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere. This will be achieved through the use of natural and technical reservoirs such as reforestation, storage in the ground or extraction from the atmosphere.

Timeline of Swiss Post’s climate measures.

What does net zero mean?

All greenhouse gas emissions that Swiss Post is unable to prevent along the entire value chain, despite all the measures it has taken, will subsequently be removed from the atmosphere using targeted reduction measures. This will reduce the overall carbon footprint to net zero.

A net-zero global climate balance is desirable in order to stabilize global temperatures. The scientifically based and internationally applied SBTi framework definesTarget not accessible what a company must do to achieve for a net zero balanceTarget not accessible. It follows the UN climate goal of limiting global warming to a maximum of 1.5 °C.

Carbon neutral vs. net zero: what's the difference?

Carbon neutral in our own operations means that Swiss Post reduces its own emissions in line with the specifications of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) by 38 percent through 2030 (base year 2021) and neutralizes the rest.

Net zero means that Swiss Post reduces emissions along its entire value chain by 90 percent by 2040 (base year 2021) and neutralizes the rest.

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