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Swiss Post assumes its responsibility for people and the environment in procurement too. It firmly believes that a fair supply chain benefits everyone: producers, suppliers, partners and finally you too.

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A strong partnership

Swiss Post is fully committed to supporting sustainability. Together with our partners and suppliers, we assume our ecological and social responsibility in the supply chain too. We demand modern standards for the procurement of the necessary goods and services. That is why we prefer partners who build their corporate policy on a holistic approach. And we demand that our suppliers comply with the Swiss Post Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility (PDF, 105.1 KB). Among other things, they are required to respect human rights, the prohibition of child labour, adequate remuneration and ecological principles. We are certain that, together with our partners and suppliers, we can improve the sustainability of the supply chain considerably.

Identify and reduce specific risks

Swiss Post increasingly puts sustainable procurement into focus throughout the entire value chain in its sustainability strategy. In the future, social, ethical and ecological criteria will play an increasingly important role in procurement transactions. Unsustainable procurement involves risks along the entire value chain both for people and the environment as well as for Swiss Post. To identify such risks in good time, we assess each life cycle phase of high-volume goods and services for possible sources of risk of non-compliance with ecological or social standards. Working on such a basis, effective measures can be developed and implemented. These include the definition of sustainability criteria which can be incorporated into public service tender.

Fair uniforms for postal employees

Swiss Post is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation

In 2012, as Switzerland’s leading major corporation, Swiss Post signed the declaration for membership of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). By becoming a member of this global organization, Swiss Post is committed to the strict inspection and sustainable implementation of social standards at its clothing suppliers. Swiss Post is audited by FWF every year, and was awarded the status of “leader” following the last review. Independent agencies confirmed that the roughly 200,000 items of clothing which Swiss Post sends out every year to its employees entitled to clothing are produced in fair conditions.

A good report for Swiss Post

The controls carried out by the FWF focus on socially responsible work conditions at production sites. By the end of 2020, 97% of Swiss Post’s procurement volume for work clothes had been checked, including 63% by Swiss Post itself, 10% by external auditors, and 24% by FWF. Swiss Post performed well: the work conditions on the production sites are good, the entire supply chain – from the material to the finished item of clothing – boasts full cost transparency and no complaints were reported to the FWF by workers in the factories of Swiss Post’s suppliers. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, on-site visits to suppliers and training sessions could not take place. However, Swiss Post is in constant contact with all of its clothing suppliers, thereby fulfilling its obligation of due diligence along the supply chain.  


“A second lease of life for Swiss Post clothes”

Information on the topic "A Second Life for Postal Dresses" can be found here under the title Circular Economy in Responsibility Corporate Responsibility.

Concrete examples of sustainability in procurement


For ecological and economic reasons, we replace our vehicles on a regular basis. In the area of procurement, we place great emphasis on environmental compatibility, alternative drive systems and state-of-the-art engine and exhaust emission control technology, thereby making our fleet of vehicles increasingly economical.

Biogas and hydrogen

Our entire fleet of gas-powered vehicles, including some 100 delivery vans, runs on certified biogas. As the leading public transport company in Switzerland, we are also testing five hydrogen-powered buses.


Swiss Post focuses on renewable energy sources. Since 2008 Swiss Post has obtained all of its electricity from renewable energy sources, and since 2013 from “naturemade basic” certified sources. Of this mix, 10% is high-quality, “naturemade star” certified green power produced by wind turbines on Mount Crosin in the Jura canton and from various farms, small businesses and small ecological hydroelectric power stations throughout Switzerland.


Swiss Post is committed to constructing buildings that consume very little energy. To this end, we comply with the Minergie standard as a minimum requirement while paying attention to the rational use of energy and the well-being of users.

Green IT

Thanks to technological progress in the printing sector, annual energy savings of approximately 1.3 million kWh were made compared to the period with older devices, corresponding to around CHF 193,000. In this way, Swiss Post is making a significant contribution to environmental protection.

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