Group Procurement Policy
The principles of procurement

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Selfperception of procurement

On the basis of strategic guidelines, the Swiss Post procurement organization (POSP) is responsible for all Swiss Post procurement volumes. It develops the relevant procurement policy and the corresponding strategies, structures, processes, methods and systems. Furthermore, the POSP provides the necessary competencies, which must be incorporated right from the start in the case of both strategic procurements and procurements which entail reputational risks.

The Federal Act on Public Procurement (PPA) and the Ordinance on Public Procurement (PPO) form the basis for contracts awarded by Swiss Post, where they involve the reserved service (monopoly segment) or licensed passenger transport.

Recipients of the procurement policy are all potential suppliers and service providers and Swiss Post’s own employees.

Principles of procurement

Preference is given to internal service provision

Swiss Post procures services on the market if it is impossible or not economically viable for the Group to provide the service internally.

Viewing suppliers as partners

Swiss Post is interested in stable business relationships based on partnerships. We engage in dialogue with our suppliers and service providers. We comply with the guidelines on fair, competitive and transparent procurement processes and take a proactive approach where our responsibility towards society, the economy and politics is concerned.

As a rule, Swiss Post only concludes contracts with legal entities and does not enter into countersale agreements with its service providers. The service provider’s suitability is examined in respect of the specific item to be procured.

In addition, contracts are only awarded to suppliers and service providers who guarantee that any sanctions/embargoes currently in place against countries, individuals and organizations that are published on the Confederation’s website (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)) will be taken into consideration and implemented.

Transparency where the awarding of contracts is concerned

Swiss Post requests competitive tenders and, in the case of procurements which are subject to public procurement law, complies with the respective statutory requirements (PPA/PPO) in relation to the types of procedures. The provider submitting the most advantageous bid is awarded the contract, with due consideration given to the relevant criteria. Swiss Post’s sustainability goals are an important component of these criteria.

Once a year, Swiss Post submits a report (PDF, 88.1 KB) (in German) to the competent authorities on its contracts which are subject to the PPA with a procurement volume of at least CHF 50,000.

Swiss Post uses the “ARIBA” procurement system. As a rule, Swiss Post only collaborates with suppliers and service providers which are registered in ARIBA.

Enshrining sustainability in procurement

Swiss Post is aware of its responsibility for people and the environment in procurement too. Sustainable procurement in this context means using the available funds in an ecologically, socially and economically responsible manner. Our objective is to play a pioneering role in the industry.

Enshrining sustainability in procurement is guaranteed by the basic ethos of “responsible procurement”. Swiss Post already takes sustainability criteria into account when it comes to choosing suppliers. In business relationships, we are committed to ensuring that our suppliers and service providers provide socially acceptable working conditions and take ecological measures. We work together to create transparent supply chains.

In this context, we pay particular attention to ensuring that our suppliers and service providers adhere to environmental protection standards (reducing their carbon footprint) and respect both workers’ rights and human rights. The signing of Swiss Post’s Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility (PDF, 307.9 KB)[Media | Not Accessible] lays the foundations for this.

Procurement management via centralized and decentralized responsibilities and via official bodies

The Swiss Post procurement organization (POSP) acts as a network and pursues a joint, uniform procurement policy and procurement objectives to that effect. The management of product groups and procurement organizations is incumbent upon the persons in charge, which are organized within centralized and decentralized structures.

In order to ensure compliance with the procurement policy and the attainment of procurement objectives, the Specialist Committee for Excellence in Procurement (FEB) acts as the supreme specialist leadership and coordination body. It is chaired by the Head of Group Procurement.

The Official Body for Procurement Decisions (GBE) decides in the case of procurements starting from CHF 5,000,000 on the procurement procedure to be used and the resulting awarding of the contract. The GBE also decides on strategic partnerships in the area of procurement. It is chaired by the Head of Group Finance. The official body is supported by, amongst others, experts in procurement law.

Types of procurement procedures

In the context of procurement law and competition law regulations, Swiss Post strives for fair, simple and efficient procurement processes.

The required type of process will be determined together with Swiss Post’s procurement law specialists, depending on the estimated contract value.

Public procurement law regulations

In the case of procurements, which specifically are subject to public procurement law, the Federal Act on Public Procurement (PPA) and the Ordinance on Public Procurement (PPO) form the required basis for Swiss Post.

Public invitations to tender in the open or selective procedure are published on

There is no public tender for the invitation to tender procedure. The procurement entity invites at least three (where possible) suitable suppliers to submit an offer. If possible and reasonable, at least one company should be invited from a different language region (possibly another economic region) in Switzerland.

With the direct award procedure, the procurement entity awards the services to a supplier directly, with a reason for an exception being required for this if the threshold for an invitation to tender procedure has been reached.

Private procurement law regulations

In the case of procurements made under private law, the Swiss Code of Obligations forms the basis for Swiss Post’s purchasing policy.

Swiss Post’s strategic partnerships

Suppliers with whom specific procurement processes are guaranteed, for example through framework agreements, are of particular, and in some cases strategic, significance. Swiss Post’s procurement organization can classify such selected service providers as strategic suppliers or as strategic partners. Strategic partnerships within the meaning of a structured cooperation with another company are contractually regulated in a memorandum of understanding. The procurement and competition law provisions are also observed in procurement procedures within the framework of strategic partnerships.

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