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PostFinance business customers

THE partner for business customers too

PostFinance makes it easy for business customers with simple, comprehensive solutions for payment transactions and cash management. For major customers, PostFinance offers individual solutions along the entire value chain.

Quality service for business customers

As partners to company founders and young entrepreneurs, public entities (at municipal, cantonal and federal level), companies of all sizes, associations and banks, PostFinance offers its business customers:

  • Business and savings accounts 
  • Conventional, online and mobile domestic and international payment transactions as well as accounts payable 
  • and accounts receivable solutions
  • credit, debit and inpayment cards
  • medium-term notes, funds and money market instruments
  • current account credit 
  • account management and management of foreign currency accounts

WCM: higher liquidity, optimized cash flow

With an unparalleled service throughout Switzerland in working capital management (WCM), PostFinance helps business customers obtain greater flexibility. Advice is provided on all customer processes, and not just on individual products. This holistic approach covering the entire value chain ensures that as little interest-bearing capital as possible is tied up in current assets.