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Quality and prices

Fully committed to customers

Swiss Post offers its customers high-quality services at competitive prices. This has been borne out by independent studies.

A testament to our quality:

  • Swiss Post delivered 97.6% of A Mail letters and 99% of B Mail letters punctually in 2017. Swiss Post achieved similar results in parcel delivery.
  • Swiss Post still has the densest network of access points in Europe with over 2,200 post offices and agencies and 2,400 PickPost points and My Post 24 parcel terminals. And every town has at least one public letter box or another option for posting letters.
  • Customers are very satisfied with Swiss Post’s services. In a customer survey, Swiss Post achieved 80 out of 100 points. A score of 80 points and above indicates a very high level of satisfaction.
  • Swiss Post delivers letters, parcels and magazines six days a week instead of the required five, exceeding the requirements set down by lawmakers.
  • In the parcels market, Swiss Post has fared well against strong competition for years thanks to the quality of its services and innovative products.
  • In its current activity report, the Federal Postal Services Commission (PostCom), highlights the very high quality of services provided by Swiss Post. The report cites the public’s satisfaction with the services provided.

A testament to our prices:

  • Swiss Post is rated very highly in independent international price and quality comparisons for letter mail and parcel post. In an international price comparison across 15 European countries (without taking into account purchasing power), Swiss Post is situated in the mid-range, despite the strong franc. Taking purchasing power into account, Swiss Post actually has the least expensive prices.
  • If you post an A Mail letter addressed to Geneva at 6 p.m. in Chur, you can be sure it will be delivered the following morning by 8 a.m. This is some achievement. Swiss Post has optimized its processes and increased efficiency in recent years, allowing it to continue offering very attractive prices.