Address quality verification
Detect falsified addresses and avoid fraud

Falsified addresses are a business risk for online retailers and credit institutes. Address fraud results in losses that are difficult to offset. With the Swiss Post “Address quality verification” product, you can, to a large extent, prevent fraudulent behaviour with regard to address forgery.

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Address-based fraud is a real problem for online retailers in particular. Many providers offer to deliver goods with payment on invoice as this is requested by so many customers. But this leaves them at risk. Untrustworthy persons can place an order, use a falsified address as the invoice address and then take possession of the goods without settling the invoice. Falsified addresses are also a risk factor for credit institutes. For example, fraudsters may work with stolen identities and unlawfully obtain access to credit which they never pay back.

The Swiss Post “Address quality verification” product provides you with extensive protection against falsified address fraud. Address verification is performed online and analyses your addresses according to the criteria of validity, accuracy and trustworthiness. Falsified addresses are identified and can be sorted out. Address manipulation is detected and unable to cause any damage. The “Address quality verification” product also supports better identification of purchasers during the ordering process.

Service and features

Falsified addresses are recognized by Swiss Post’s “Address quality verification” product by comparing your addresses with Swiss Post’s address database. For data exchange, Swiss Post provides you with a REST or SOAP web interface. You enter your addresses and receive qualified feedback on each address in less than 0.40 seconds in terms of validity, accuracy and trustworthiness.

Added value for you

  • Verification of private individuals’ physical delivery addresses in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.
  • Verification of address data while conducting creditworthiness checks
  • Assistance in calculating the risk of loss when assigning credit
  • Recognition of invalid addresses
  • Discovery of address manipulation
  • Uncovering of fraud attempts
  • Reduction in non-compensable loss of goods and receivables

Integration into your system

The web application for identifying falsified addresses is easy to integrate into electronically controlled ordering systems, creditworthiness databases or other applications. For example, it can also be incorporated into the process of electronically verifying credit applications. Use of the “Address quality verification” product is fully automated and therefore does not result in any additional effort on the part of the user.

High reliability of reference database

Address verification using the “Address quality verification” product is based on Swiss Post’s current address directories. They contain the systematically recorded private letter box data including modification data from the whole of Switzerland. Based on private letter box and consignment data, this database contains the information required for the assignment of postal deliveries, including last name, first name, street, house number, additional house number information, postcode and town. The address data is continually modified by mail carriers and thus constitutes a reliable reference for “Address quality verification”.

Scope of services

Swiss Post solely supplies the results of address verification; it does not perform any assessments. Creditworthiness checks, risk assessments and other measures are not included within the scope of the “Address quality verification” product.

Data protection

In order to use the “Address quality verification” product in compliance with data protection requirements, the business customer must take appropriate measures to obtain the explicit consent with respect to the persons affected and their objective evidence.

Important information

Swiss Post does not sell, rent or lease any addresses. It solely processes addresses supplied by customers. These are subject to the strictest protection class (“confidential”).

Use of the “Address quality verification” product is agreed contractually. For additional information on using this product, please contact your Swiss Post sales advisor or make contact with us.

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