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A billing relationship with Swiss Post allows you to save significantly on your company’s administrative expenses. You also have a broader range of services available to you. And you benefit from even better prices.

  • Monthly invoices with 30-day payment terms 
  • Uncomplicated reimbursement of VAT
  • Access to all invoices over an 18-month period 
  • Monthly sales discounts on the sending of letter, courier or parcel consignments. 
  •  Attractive discounts and advantageous prices compared to payment in cash as well as an extended range of services

Apply for a billing relationship
The “My Post” customer portal acts as the central point of contact for your invoice administration needs

Do you use some of our services frequently? For example, do you regularly send larger volumes of letters or parcels? Or perhaps you would like to use a service which requires a billing relationship (invoice reference number, customer number or franking licence)? Submit an application now to acquire a billing relationship for your company with Swiss Post.

To qualify for a billing relationship with Swiss Post, you need to have a company account registered with the “My Post” customer portal.

Link company account
Already have a “My Post“ login


Do you already have a business customer login at 

Enter your existing billing relationship or set up a new billing relationship with Swiss Post.

Open a company account
As yet no “My Post“ login

Do you not yet have a business customer login at

Register your company and enter your existing billing relationship into the account settings, or apply for a new billing relationship with Swiss Post.

Swiss Post reserves the right to refuse applications without stating its reasons. Do you have any questions about the customer invoice or application? Please contact your customer advisor or the Swiss Post Contact Center.

Apply for a billing relationship

Customer invoice
A brief explanation of invoicing

Detailed information on invoicing and settling invoices, as well as remarks for each item on your customer invoice can be found in the following documents:

Invoice manager
Cost transparency and invoice overview

As a business customer with a billing relationship, you have free of charge access to your own digital invoice manager. This is where you can consult your Swiss Post invoices from the last 18 months and track all invoice items. Get additional transparency over your monthly-incurred costs with the “Cost centers” option by maintaining cost centers and allocating invoice reference numbers or services.

Price benefits, discounts and rebates
Benefit from special conditions under certain circumstances

As a business customer with a billing relationship, you can benefit from special conditions for parcels as well as attractive price discounts and rebates for letter mail. The extent of the discounts and rebates depends on turnover or sales volume, mailing criteria and the upstream services provided when delivering the letter.