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An overview of your Swiss Post customer invoices

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The “Invoice manager” online service allows you to view your Swiss Post invoices from the last 18 months and review all invoice line items. With the “Cost center” option, you can create additional transparency for your monthly costs by maintaining cost centers and allocating invoice reference numbers or services.

Service and features

With the invoice manager, you keep track of the costs for the services provided by Swiss Post. In addition, the “Cost center” option provides you with an overview of the shipping costs for each cost center.

The following functions are available to you with the “Invoice manager” online service:

  • Current overview of all your invoices
  • Access to all invoices from the past 18 months
  • Enter individual product/service names
  • Settings for physical mailing of the detailed statement for the customer invoice
  • Settings for new invoice documents

With the “Cost center” option, the following additional functions are available:

  • Recording and managing cost centers (manually or as uploads from Excel files)
  • Assigning Swiss Post services to the individual cost centers
  • Analysing invoice data by cost center

If you are interested in the “Cost center” additional option, please contact your customer advisor.

Who is this service for?

The invoice manager is an online service for Swiss Post business customers with a billing relationship who want to obtain more transparency concerning the logistics costs incurred in their company.

I do not currently have a billing relationship with Swiss Post and would like to apply for one.


The invoice manager is free of charge.



You can find the detailed statement for your invoice under the first tab titled “Invoices”. Simply select the relevant debitor, invoice month(s) and invoice reference number(s), and you will be shown the corresponding invoices. You can now download the invoices including detailed statement using the “Download invoice” button followed by the option “Invoice (PDF)”. When downloading the invoice, you also have the opportunity to generate various electronic reports.

More information on the electronic reports can be found at the following link: (PDF, 76.2 KB)

You can set up new cost centers under the second tab, “Services and cost centers”. To do so, switch to the “Cost centers” view within this tab and click on the “+ New cost center” button. You can now enter your required cost center value under “Cost center” and name the cost center as you wish under “Name”. You then need to set the date on which the new cost center should become valid in the “valid from” field. The “valid until” field is optional when opening a new cost center and does not need to be filled in. You can also fill in this field at a later time, as soon as the selected cost center needs to be set to inactive.

If you would like to open several new cost centers at once, you can also upload your cost center structure to the invoice manager via Excel. To do so, click on the “New cost center structure” button and upload the completed template. Please note: when you upload a new file, all cost centers which have already been entered will be replaced by the new structure.

Select the cost center you wish to make inactive in the “Services and cost centers” tab. Then select the date on which you would like the cost center to become inactive in the “valid until” field to the right.

There are two ways to allocate a cost center to a service. Firstly, you can choose the relevant service and open the “Allocations of cost centers” field on the right. Then click on “+ Allocate other cost centers” to allocate cost centers to the selected service. Alternatively, you can start from the cost centers list and select the relevant cost center. Once you have opened the “Allocations of services” field, you will be shown the “+ Allocate other services” button.

Please note: some services allow only one active, allocated cost center.

It is likely that you have not yet allocated the cost centers you have entered to the relevant IFS licence. Please allocate your IFS licence to the relevant cost centers. Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for the allocated cost centers to be activated on the IFS machine.

Your company account needs to be registered for cost centers before you can use the cost centers option. To do so, please contact your customer advisor so they can initiate the process for setting up the cost centers option.

You can download the special report per cost center under the “Invoices” tab. To do so, select the relevant invoice and click on “Download invoices”. A pop-up will then appear in which you can select your preferred download options. To obtain invoice data per cost center, select the “per cost center” option under “Special reports”.