Construction logistics hub

Sustainable logistics solutions for the construction site

In addition to the existing high level of traffic, roads around construction sites have to cope with the additional burden of site traffic. This leads to traffic jams, rat runs in neighbourhoods and noise and air pollution. A solid traffic and land use analysis helps prevent these negative and potentially delaying effects. By integrating construction logistics hubs, optimal traffic routing for site traffic can be worked out.

Large quantities of building materials can be delivered sorted by type and assembled into sets according to the work preparation in a consolidation warehouse in the vicinity of the construction site. This means that different areas of a site can be grouped together and supplied with material in accordance with the planning data on a just-in-time basis. it reduces space shortages on the construction site, the amount of site delivery traffic and the noise pollution for residents. Swiss Post uses e-trucks for transport from the construction logistics hub to the site. This further enhances the positive impact of a significantly lower number of direct trips: the e-trucks drive much more quietly and do not produce any exhaust fumes or CO2.

The advantages for you

  • Far fewer direct trips to the construction site
  • Efficient and safe material flow and orderly conditions on the site
  • Just-in-time delivery to the site
  • Improved productivity
  • Planning reliability
  • Greater flexibility in terms of readiness for short-notice deliveries
  • Reduced environmental and noise impact thanks to sustainable transport solutions using e-trucks

Our services

  • Search and rental of the space or infrastructure
  • Planning and securing of the necessary infrastructure
  • Goods receipt, identification of goods, comparison of actual articles with construction planning
  • Formation of sets and prefabrication by companies
  • Picking for place and time of use
  • Just-in-time consolidated transport to the construction site
  • Integration into the overall disposition
  • Billing to the respective contractor

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