Construction site logistics

On-site logistics on the construction site

In urban and densely built-up areas in particular, space is at such a premium that areas for unloading, loading and manoeuvring need to be used optimally to avoid bottlenecks. Delivery, storage and disposal have to run smoothly, and these tasks are increasingly carried out on a just-in-time basis. We take care of all coordination, control and execution services related to material and personnel logistics on your site.

Access control, signage, marking and transport of material deliveries to their place of use are just some of the aspects that need to be planned and executed on a construction site. Swiss Post uses an innovative planning tool and ensures orderly processes through skilful coordination. Our construction site logistics take into account site safety as well as occupational safety and fire protection.

The advantages for you

  • Simplified communication between tradespeople, suppliers and drivers
  • Complete overview of deliveries on the site
  • Seamless unloading and loading processes
  • Reduced environmental and noise impact thanks to sustainable transport solutions using electric trucks
  • Reduced vulnerability to construction delays

Our services

  • Material delivery / just-in-time distribution
  • Receipt of goods (coordination of deliveries)
  • Storage
  • Construction site equipment
  • Equipment management
  • Professional disposal / disposal logistics
  • Construction cleaning
  • Unloading and transferring goods from the delivery vehicle to the place of use
  • Disposal to the construction site landfill
  • Forklift drivers, lift staff
  • Qualified personnel with construction-specific training and experience
  • Skilled personnel for the operating materials used (crane slingers, forklift truck drivers)
  • Deployment of personnel in line with the volume of material
  • Billing the costs to the respective contractor

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