“Track consignments” web service
Obtain and view consignment data directly

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Incorporate the “Track consignments” web service into your online shop free of charge. This enables your customers to see the shipping status of the parcel without leaving the page.

The advantages for you:

  • Added satisfaction for your customers.
  • Your online customers do not need to change websites after purchase.
  • They are informed of the current status of each consignment until receipt of the goods ordered.
  • There is noticeably less pressure on your Support team as the customers can track the consignments directly in the web shop, so fewer requests are generated.
  • We support you in installing the service.

Who is this service for & preconditions

The free “Track consignments” web service is intended for business customers with a billing relationship who own an online shop, for example, and want to enable their customers to track consignments on their own website or for companies who wish to use consignment information in their professional application. The technical requirement for this is a system with a web service interface, based on SOAP.

Consignment data

With the “Track consignments” web service, you can obtain data on the following types of consignment in a machine-readable format (XML).

  • Parcels
  • Letters with barcode
  • Swiss-Express consignments
  • Courier consignments
  • International consignments
  • Pallets
  • LetterID

You also have the option of calling up signatures, consignment pictures and master data.

The postal parcel picture or, for registered consignments, the signature are only visible for consignments that have been sent with the corresponding franking licence.

More information

Do you have any questions or require assistance? Please do not hesitate to contact us.