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Increase the reach and response of your promotional mailings by signing up to “Offers on request”. With this service even households which have a “no advertising” sticker on their letter box, are outside of the distribution zone, or are not in your customer database, can select the companies from which they would like to receive advertising material. Mailings from the selected suppliers and service providers will then be delivered as addressed mail.

The limited reach of promotional mailings and direct mailings has presented companies with difficulties up until now. With unaddressed mailings, they are restricted by a defined distribution zone or the “no advertising” sticker. With addressed mailings, they have to rely on the addresses available in the customer database. Wastage is also incurred when recipients often receive irrelevant or excessive advertising material and therefore pay less attention to consignments and mailings.

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Active requests for promotional mailings

With “Offers on request”, Swiss Post is providing an innovative service which enables you to reach customers who have actively chosen to receive your advertising material. As a result, the reach of your promotional mailings and direct mailings increases and wastage is minimized.

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Here’s how it works

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Customers can select your company on an online platform with a click of the mouse. Swiss Post ensures that these recipients will receive your promotional mailings and direct mailings as addressed mail with immediate effect, and takes care of the address list management. “Offers on request” considerably reduces wastage, and improves the response rate on your mailings.

"Offers on request" for private customers

Your advantages

By using “Offers on request”, you reach customers you have not yet been able to reach, but who actually do want to receive your advertising material. This service is therefore the ideal companion to your existing promotional efforts as regards addressed and unaddressed mail activities. Because the recipient receives a reduced quantity of advertising material, your offers receive that much more attention. Swiss Post takes care of managing the address lists so that you do not have to and can concentrate on your core business. So that address quality always meets the highest standard, a comparison with the most recently updated addresses is carried out before each dispatch. This maximizes reach and minimizes unnecessary returns. Thanks to specific-day delivery, you can plan your offers with even more accuracy and coordinate other marketing measures around them.

Become a provider on the platform

The “Offers on request” service has already achieved excellent results in other European countries. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve the reach of your promotional mailings and reduce wastage, and become part of “Offers on request”.


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"Offers on request" for private customers

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