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Do you want to reach high-affinity customers who are explicitly interested in your company and offers? The “Offers on request” service enables you to reach end customers who are selective about the advertising they receive and who have made the conscious decision to receive promotional materials on your offers. You can also reach customers who live outside your distribution area or who have a “No advertising” sticker on their letter box and would otherwise be impossible to reach with unaddressed promotional materials.

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The benefits for you

  • No coverage wastage: Customers actively want to receive your promotional materials.
  • More coverage: Reach potential customers even if they have a “No advertising” sticker.
  • Greater attention: Recipients normally receive targeted offers only. This means your offers stand out and are given more attention.
  • No cold start: Benefit from existing subscribers from other companies who may also be interested in your offers.
  • Less administration: Save time on address and returns management.

Here’s how it works
Become a provider and acquire customers

  1. Arrange a consultation

    You provide us with details on shipment for your leaflets and tell us what you would like. We put together the appropriate offer for you.

  2. Acquire subscribers

    We add your company with the required information to the online service. Potential customers can now subscribe to your offer with a click of the mouse. 

  3. Send leaflets

    Based on your current number of subscribers, you prepare your shipment and send us your advertising materials. We then provide specific-day delivery.

  4. Increase revenue

    A high-affinity target group learns about your offers and products. This allows you to acquire (new) customers and increase your revenue.

Want to reach potential customers?

Become a provider with the “Offers on request” service.

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