Legally compliant identity check with ID check
Personal identification at your front door or in the branch

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Due to legal requirements, many business processes require personal identification certified in real time or a verified age check. With an identity check at your front door or in the branch, Swiss Post offers legally-compliant personal identification with contract signing additionally available.

Personal identification
Identity verification at your front door or in the branch

As a trusted partner, Swiss Post verifies and confirms the identity of your customers in accordance with the legal requirements. If required, it is also possible to have legal contracts signed. The relevant data and electronic copies of the identification documents are directly transferred to your systems using reliable and secure interfaces. This makes it very easy for business customers to efficiently attract new customers and save on costs while fulfilling all legal requirements.

At your front door
Using ID check by letter

  • Option of personal identification at your front door
  • Option of contract signing at your front door
  • Consistent electronic, IT-led processes
  • Complies with FINMA and the Anti-Money Laundering Act
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Certified copy of ID in your branch
Yellow Identification

Do you have new customers who want to open a business relationship by correspondence? Then the “Yellow Identification” service is ideal for you. With Yellow Identification, your customers can identify themselves very simply in our branches throughout Switzerland. 

  • Certification of authenticity of your official ID
  • Meet the obligation of identification in accordance with the Anti Money Laundering Act
  • Little effort required thanks to the high level of accessibility of our dense network of branches

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Verify your identity online with SwissID
Easy and free of charge

SwissID offers easy and free online identification via the SwissID App. With a verified identity, you can legally sign documents and contracts electronically. You also have access to the electronic patient record and various online or citizens’ portals that require proof of identity.

With SwissID, you can also log in to our “My Post” customer portal easily and securely. This gives you access to all of Swiss Post’s online services. SwissID is a service provided by SwissSign, a data security specialist by Swiss Post.