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Your customers in Switzerland send their returns directly to the Swiss Post Return Center using a return label. The consignments are then scanned, checked and picked according to your instructions. The goods are cleared through customs and transported to your warehouse in the EU. Throughout the process, you receive all the data on the returned items via our connection to your system. That way, your returns are transported faster and more affordably.

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Here’s how it works

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    Return service

    To send returns to the Swiss Post Return Center, your customers can hand over their return consignments with a return label at any post office.

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    Processing your returns

    Your returns will be processed according to your instructions in the Swiss Post Return Center. Our services range from simply picking your goods to detailed clarifications and checks of your consignments.

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    Customs clearance and transport of your goods

    If you have already imported your consignments into Switzerland with Swiss Post, we can use the same details for the return consignments. This is the quickest way to securely transport your items back into the EU.

The right value-added services

  • Qualitative and quantitative checks for your returns
  • Quick, easy and secure recycling management
  • Transport and export customs clearance direct to your location in the EU, incl. reimbursement of customs duty and VAT
  • Management tasks and processing of cases requiring clarification according to your instructions

Return services
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