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Warehousing logistics
Storage with Swiss Post

Looking to relieve the workload at your warehouse at peak times? Do you have to store dangerous, bulky or very small products?

Entrust your logistics processes to us, either in part or in full, and enjoy the following advantages: 

  • You will not need reserves or investment in staff, buildings or infrastructure.
  • This enables you to reduce fixed costs and become more flexible.
  • You do not bear the risk of a complete warehouse infrastructure.
  • You can concentrate on your core business.

Interested? Our logistics experts will be happy to advise you.

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Central and temporary storage

Save time and money by outsourcing cross-docking to us. What we do for you:

  • Check the incoming goods
  • Repack
  • Combine with goods from other suppliers
  • Prepare for forwarding

This helps you simplify your logistics considerably and ideally outsource your temporary storage facilities.

Construction logistics
Logistics solutions for major construction projects

In partnership with Amberg Loglay, we develop specialist planning solutions for the management of construction sites, with implementation undertaken using digital services.

  • Efficient construction site management
  • Time and cost savings
  • Use of the Internet of things

By considering logistics and their impact right from the concept phase, you can successfully bring lean projects to fruition.

Healthcare logistics for hospitals and clinics

With its extensive logistics expertise, Swiss Post does exactly what it’s there to do: design and deliver goods and logistics chains safely, efficiently and reliably.

  • Digitization of logistics processes
  • Security of supply
  • A one-stop shop

Circular economy
Working together towards more sustainability

Swiss Post wants to be a role model and pioneer when it comes to sustainability. This is why, in synergy with our established forward and reverse logistics, we offer one-stop circular economy solutions that are modular, customer-focused and carbon neutral. By doing so, Swiss Post supports you as a hub in the circular economy, enabling you to use products efficiently whilst also guaranteeing the recovery of resources.

Swiss Post is moving ahead and closing the loop so you can be both sustainable and profitable.