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Manage, maintain and verify your addresses efficiently online.

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The “Address maintenance online” online service in the Customer Center provides all Swiss Post services for your addresses on a single platform – from updating to checking deliverability and list management.

Service and features

“Address maintenance online” offers you all the Swiss Post services designed for your addresses – from updating to checking deliverability. In “Address maintenance online”, you can manage your addresses securely and free of charge. You also receive statements concerning the quality of your addresses – again free of charge. You can also see clearly what it will cost to correct your addresses quickly and simply.

  • Verify, maintain and clean addresses easily:
    Update addresses (e.g. with regard to relocations or deaths) individually or by means of a batch procedure (checking an entire address file)
  • Save addresses securely and manage them efficiently: 
    Import existing addresses simply and enter new addresses directly in the online service; obtain free statistical reports concerning the address database
  • Check address quality in a flash: 
    Free assessment of address quality and deliverability
  • Error-free shipment: 
    Use addresses online for different shipping options – with a single login

Who is this service for?

For business customers

“Address maintenance online” is a tool for Swiss Post business customers who want to maintain and manage their customer addresses online. An address comparison using current Swiss Post customer addresses means that the address database is always up to date.

For private customers

“Address maintenance online” is a service offered to Swiss Post private customers and is used to determine in just a few clicks whether addresses are up to date. If there is a notification of move available, the new address can be obtained online.  You can also use the “Address maintenance online” service as an address book to keep your addresses up to date at all times.


Find and verify individual addresses: 

The address check is free of charge. Obtaining up-to-date relocation information costs CHF 1.25 per enquiry.

Batch procedure:

The analysis of 1 to 300,000 Swiss addresses and address management is free via the “Address maintenance online” online service.
You will receive a tailored quotation based on the free analysis. 

The price for cleaning is broken down as follows:

  • Provision of new addresses after an official move and information on invalid addresses: CHF 1.25 per hit
  • For status information “unknown or moved abroad”, “deceased” or “no longer deliverable addresses”, there is a charge of CHF 0.25 per address; for “unidentified addresses”, CHF 0.05
  • Recognition of duplicates: CHF 0.25 for all duplicate and multiple address entries
  • Corrections or standardizations and deliverability checks are free of charge

Prices do not include VAT


It is necessary to register for the Swiss Post Customer Center to use the “Address maintenance online” online service. As a business customer, you require a billing relationship with Swiss Post to be able to maintain your addresses.

As a private customer, fee-based address maintenance services will be debited from your credit balance. You can top up your credit in your Customer Center.


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