You help keep Swiss Post moving.

Operation maintenance employee

Here is where you can put your aptitude in repairing and maintaining buildings and equipment to the test. You will learn about machinery and materials and become an expert in maintenance, care and cleaning. You perform a wide variety of tasks and work both in- and outdoors.


You must have successfully completed secondary education for this apprenticeship.

You’ll also:

  • Have a talent for technology and be good with your hands
  • Be physically resilient
  • Be independent and reliable and enjoy contact with people

Training and vocational school

The apprenticeship lasts for three years. Right from the outset, you’ll be part of the team and help maintain operations at Swiss Post and partner companies. At vocational school and on intercorporate courses, you’ll obtain an understanding of materials and machinery, as well as broad-based knowledge, covering areas like occupational health and safety, environmental protection, cleaning and waste management.

Swiss Post provides apprenticeships in Basel, Bern, Vevey, Eclépens and Zurich-Mülligen.

Further education

After successfully completing your apprenticeship, you’ll have lots of further training opportunities open to you, with or without the vocational school-leaving certificate. These include:

  • A vocational diploma or a higher vocational qualification, such as the Building Services Federal Diploma or the Facility Management Diploma
  • A qualification from a professional education institution, e.g. in building services, facility management
  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in facility management

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