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Your child has to make a career choice or wants to apply for an apprenticeship. But what’s the best option? We provide valuable advice on how you can support your child at this exciting and challenging time.

Encourage your child to do a trial period

A taster apprenticeship can really help your child make a career choice, and it provides a great opportunity to gain experience in a real working environment. They can gain an insight into potential apprenticeships as well as what the world of work is actually like. Let your child assume responsibility during the process, but provide support and encourage them to do taster days.

Information about taster days

Taster days provide the opportunity ...

... for you and the employer to get to know each other.

... to gain an insight into the world of Swiss Post.

Our vocational trainers will look at how your child works. Showing the ability to work independently and an interest in training will create a good impression. Other key attributes are willingness to help, taking the initiative and team spirit.

Well prepared for your application

Is your child interested in working at Swiss Post and would they like to apply for an apprenticeship? Then the next step is the application process. Go through the application documents with your child before submitting them and make sure they’re up-to-date, don’t contain any mistakes and have been fully completed. Practice role play situations with your child for the interview.

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Any questions about looking for apprenticeships or trial days? Then simply call or e-mail us.

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