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You ensure we stay close to people.
Paint the future yellow.

Your career at PostalNetwork
Help us design services for a connected Switzerland

With the densest postal network in Europe, we’re right where our customers need us to be. And by opening up our branches to other companies, we’re creating local service centers in all regions of Switzerland. The variety of requests and requirements we deal with on a daily basis can only be understood by a team as diverse as ours with around 4,600 employees. Will you soon be joining us?

How you make a difference with us

Imagine being able to reach the Swiss population and business community in over 4,700 different locations with your team, making their everyday lives easier and better through your work. Working for us means you do just that. You ensure that our various services are up to date and that our customers are satisfied.

Whether it’s in person at one of the 800 or so self-operated branches, by telephone or in writing at the Contact Center, by looking after new access points such as My Post 24 terminals or by developing innovative postal products such as Crypto Stamp or WebStamp.

Whichever the PostalNetwork unit: you connect Switzerland.

The environment that awaits you

As we operate throughout Switzerland, our 4,600 staff reflect the country’s diversity in terms of language, background and age. This diversity helps us to better understand the different needs of our customers. 

Although we are organized in different units, we work closely together. Ultimately, we’re all motivated by the same goal: to create positive customer experiences. Modern tools, open communication and respectful collaboration help us achieve this. 

The world is changing, and so are our customers’ requirements. We’re interested in new things and appreciate the variety of our work. This means we’re able to develop not only Swiss Post every day, but ourselves as well.

Testimonial from Julien Jordan, Stamps & Philately Market Manager

Julien Jordan, Stamps & Philately Market Manager

Testimonial from Stefan Geissbühler, Deputy Team Leader, PostalNetwork

Stefan Geissbühler, Deputy Team Leader, PostalNetwork

Testimonial from Daniel Habertür, Customer Advisor, Swiss Post Contact Center

Daniel Habertür, Customer Advisor, Swiss Post Contact Center

Ramona Brand, Customer Advisor

Jacky Schaller, Contact Center Administrative Assistant

What we have to offer

  • Advanced training and development

    At Swiss Post, you meet people who want to grow and who help you do it. We support you in your advanced training and in your day-to-day learning, and welcome your curiosity.

  • Change of career

    As a career changer in Network Management, we offer a four-month training programme to prepare you for your new role as a Customer Advisor in our branches. You work at the counter from the start, accompanied by Practice Supervisors.

  • Your benefits

    Swiss Post offers you many other benefits, including six weeks’ holiday, 18 weeks’ maternity leave or four weeks’ paternity leave. But that’s not all...

Getting started at Swiss Post

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