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Take advantage of the wide range of services relating to payment transactions and financial services in your branch − even on Saturday. In branches with a partner, the range of services is restricted. You can find more details in our “Locations near you” online service.


When paying invoices at the post office counter or transferring money to another account in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein, you always require an inpayment slip. The red or orange inpayment slips are available for inpayments in CHF or EUR. The “Locations near you” online service informs you whether cash payments are possible in your branch and which debit cards are accepted.

The simplest way to pay cash into your own account at PostFinance is by using your PostFinance Card. You do not have to enter your PIN. The amount is credited to your account on the same day. If you do not have a card, fill in the inpayment slip and write “Own account” in the amount field.

You have the following options for inpayments abroad (excluding the Principality of Liechtenstein):

Giro international

  • Transfer money to an account abroad (worldwide)
  • Generally credited within 2-4 working days
  • Urgent: for urgent transfers (in EUR, USD and CHF). Generally credited on the same working day.

Cash international

  • The recipient receives cash or a cheque
  • Available in over 80 countries worldwide
  • Payment or delivery within 5-8 working days

If you do not use your PostFinance Card to transfer funds via Cash international or Giro international, you are required to produce official proof of identification. This is a legal requirement to prevent money laundering.

You can easily make account transfers – for example from a PostFinance private account to a PostFinance savings account – in the branch. You will have direct access to the funds transferred.

If you live in a town that has only a branch with partner (agency), you can make domestic cash inpayments up to an amount of CHF 10,000 directly to the delivery personnel at your door (Mon–Fri).

If you would like to make use of this service, first register with our Customer Service or at a self-operated branch using the reference “Cash inpayments at home”. Once you have registered, you will receive a sign. Simply place the sign on your letter box if you would like to make inpayments to the delivery personnel. In this case, the mail carrier will ring at your door, accept the payment slips and cash, and acknowledge receipt. On the following delivery day he will bring the receipt(s) back to you and return any money due.

Payments and cash withdrawal

Please always present official proof of identity for payments and cash withdrawals.

No outpayment slips can be cashed in branches with a partner. Furthermore, cash withdrawals using the PostFinance Card are considerably limited. You can find more details about this in our “Locations near you” online service.

You can cash outpayment slips for up to CHF 1000.00 in any branch; larger amounts can only be cashed in your home branch. If you have any questions concerning outpayment regulations, please contact the Swiss Post Contact Center.

You can authorize a third party to cash an outpayment slip. You can find more details under “Authorizations”. Authorized agents are required to provide official proof of identification. Family members with the same last name do not need any authorization.

You can withdraw cash in CHF or EUR from most branches or from any Postomat using the PostFinance Card.

Please note the withdrawal limits at the chosen location.

You can change euros at most branches. You can withdraw euros from your private or savings account or pay using euro notes. You are not charged for withdrawals of euros using your PostFinance Card in Swiss francs.

Please note any withdrawal limits at the chosen location.

Financial services
PostFinance, when it’s a matter of money

Whether you are dealing with payments, savings, investments, retirement planning or mortgages – PostFinance offers you everything to meet your daily financial needs.

We will be pleased to open accounts and credit cards for you: quickly and easily in your nearest branch. For your investments, retirement planning and mortgage requirements, we can arrange an appointment for a consultation with PostFinance.

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